by Thomas Jain

Most of the kids go crazy for chocolates. Not only the kids, but the grown-ups are also mad about chocolate. Now you may find chocolate delicious. But do you know it can be infectious to your teeth? Yes! You are reading it right! As per the Dentist Epping, chocolate contains a massive amount of sugar in it. And these sugars are food for the bacteria in your mouth.

Thus, if you are consuming chocolates or allowing your kids to eat, it’s time to get alert! As per the recent reports of Dental Epping, around 50% of the kids aged from 2-11 are suffering from cavity. And it leads to many other oral problems as well. So, if you want to prevent oral diseases, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t allow your kids to consume chocolate.

Tooth decay/cavity

One of the major dilemmas caused due to chocolates is cavity/tooth decay. Cavities are usually a condition in which the upper layer of the tooth gets destroyed. Now you must develop a doubt, how can chocolate destroy the tooth enamel?

The tooth enamel is usually destroyed by the bacteria that attack your teeth in the form of plaque. The sugar contains in the chocolates acts as an acid that destroys the tooth enamel.

On the other hand, the dental plaque is usually sticky that sticks to your teeth. So, once you get plaque on your teeth, it can be infectious for your oral health. So, if you want to prevent your tooth enamel from getting destroyed, you must avoid eating chocolate.

Tooth loss

After getting affected by the cavity, your teeth become unprotected as the enamel is destroyed. In such cases, your teeth become more prone to substances or food that can harm them. In the worst cases, you also may lose all your teeth. Similarly, kids who have already got their permanent teeth can lose it as well.

Losing teeth at an early will also affect the facial structure. It will lead you to look aged. So, if you want to avoid such situations, you should not provide chocolate to your kids.

Prevents kids from eating, speaking, and sleeping

Cavities in the teeth offer many oral problems to your kids. It may sound easy, but it can lead to a speaking problem. Kids at an early stage start talking after the development of the teeth inside the mouth. So, if cavities will affect those teeth, it will lead to tooth loss. And in some cases, the teeth that become weak also may start paining. So, in such cases, it will create irritation in the mouth of your kids. The kids will not start speaking and may start crying all day.

If you want to keep your kids healthy, you should not provide chocolates to your kids.

Develops a bad oral habit

Eating chocolate at an early age will create a habit of eating it every time. So, if you allow your kids to eat chocolates, you will find many oral problems in your kids. Further, this habit of eating chocolates will become an addiction that may destroy your kids’ oral health in the future.

So, you should always keep your kids away from the chocolates if you want to keep them healthy. If your kids are firm about eating chocolates, you take them to the Epping Dental Clinic. The dentists ate the dental clinic will advise and explain the importance of good oral health.

Wrapping up, these were the consequences of eating chocolate. People who are looking for reliable dental care can visit Epping Dentist Rawson. For more details about our services, contact us now!