by Ella Watson

Multicultural people are living in Melbourne apart from the Australians. Most of them work in the hospitality service industry. People working in Media, entertainment, front office, sales, marketing, and promotional activities need a flawless smile to attract customers. The modern dentist Melbourne practices cosmetic dentistry to meet the needs of aesthetic care of such working professionals in the service industry. If you are not a busy person, you can try some home remedies too. But if you are someone who is living in Melbourne, you should definitely visit Dental Clinic Melbourne once in 6 months for a regular dental checkup.

How to do teeth whitening from home and dental clinic?

A flawless smile is better than words. People working in the hospitality services need dental clinic Melbourne for teeth whitening and get the modern dentistry services for attaining healthy teeth. A monthly once teeth whitening is advisable for professionals not drinking too much coffee, tea, and tobacco.

People with these habits must do it monthly twice to remove caffeine and tobacco colour from their teeth. You can try some home remedies like using charcoal. The next method you can do is oil pulling. If these home remedies did not give you the desired white colour, you must approach cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne.

How to do teeth whitening with charcoal?

If you are relying on a home remedy for teeth treatment, you must definitely try Charcoal Teeth Whitening.

Teeth Whitening by Charcoal

The charcoal will be available in your home kitchen or nearby outdoor BBQ place in your backyard or home garden. If charcoal is not available in your home, you can buy it online.

  1. First, powder the charcoal pieces by putting them in a mixer.
  2. Use the powdered charcoal daily in the morning before brushing with your conventional toothpaste.
  3. Continue brushing with the charcoal powder until you get the desired white colour on your teeth.
  4. You can stop brushing with charcoal powder if you get the desired teeth whitening result by home remedies.

Charcoal is a pure carbon black substance. The mineral particles in them act as an absorbent. They pull away tartar, toxins, processed food colours, and other food stains by drinking beverages. Moreover, the activated charcoal results in bringing milky white colour. You can see them on your teeth within a few days of brushing with them.

Teeth whitening by charcoal might not be the right method for busy people. Yet, you must approach dentist Melbourne for teeth whitening.

How to do oil pulling for teeth whitening?

Oil pulling is the ancient method of oral care in Australia. However, it is now popular due to its results and other oral health it provides by using edible oils present in your home. The best oils for oil pulling are sesame, olive, neem, and coconut oil.

  1. First, try with sesame oil by taking a teaspoon full and goggle it for 5-minutes. See that the oil is getting to all corners and ends of your teeth.
  2. Continue this home remedy for a week and see the result. You can brush with your conventional toothpaste after doing oil pulling.

The oils used for oil pulling kill germs, bacteria and fight tartar. Thus, it stops bad breath and removes stains on your teeth naturally.

The working professionals in Melbourne are blessed to have Hawthorn East Dental. It is advisable to approach them if home remedies did not bring any results. They are dentist Melbourne for aesthetic dental care. Thus, you save time in going to take dental X-rays and buy dental accessories separately. It is advisable to search for the top 10 cosmetic dentist Melbourne. For more details about our services, contact us today!