by Koby Mahon

Using social media for the brand building has gained so much prominence of late. Confined to the home’s four walls due to the health emergency-like situations — where inmates are on work from home and work for the home scenario, the last ten months –has left little space for consumers to step-out to get what they need. 

Social media marketing has been a respite during the pandemic for every kind of consumer durables available online. When vying for more attention, Social media networks need niche planning. The reason being, there is competition for clout faced by international brands in the ever-expanding global market. The need for increasing visibility compels organisations to establish an international presence.

In other words, a defined marketing strategy helps set the pace for the product or service. There are steps involved in creating a fair amount of creativity, sensitivity for the brand presence, and the information, if not knowledge, of the brand and its presence in the local or regional market. Here are some practical ways to drive sales through social media:

Be where your audience is

You build your brand image best to promote sales when you are where the audience is, especially between those that need to use the product. A target audience, where are they thriving, on a particular social media platform needs to be identified for using the platform for brand promotion. It is of prime importance, and this count apart from having an established identity of the brand planned to be promoted.

B2B sales cannot be promoted on Twitter or Instagram; it will find a niche only on LinkedIn or Facebook. The icons like hashtags used for brand promotion helps connect as soon as possible # and the number of a hashtag makes an individual reach the client. This little effort of identifying the space where the audience is present is likely to push sales manifold. 

To search for where your target audience is most active, tools like ‘Keyhole’ are instrumental. To know more in detail, look up some of the best assignment help available, as it is an excellent idea to identify your brand’s reach on the much-acclaimed site for that brand.

Work with social media influencers

Apart from the brands using the brand influence of coming from mega-business houses with uniform brand names, a close to the competitive product looks, similar packaging, similar advertising messages, synchronized pricing, etc., these alone now are not enough. 

Social media promotions get a real big-time boost from social influencers.
Influencers are the one big-time marketing tool that has managed to kick-off big-time sales through their harmonious sales campaigns promoted by ‘influencers –who are a name to reckon with’ in sports or film fraternity or more.

Their names and pictures are easily identified on Twitter and Instagram that help promote sales almost more than double on this platform alongside others.
Influencers significantly impact promoting the product’s credibility, used best in fashion and lifestyle branding products.

Turn loyal customers into brand advocates

In the long run, the loyalists of your brand, those who hate shifting to another brand, and their reviews and word of good faith of the product in use play a pivotal role in promoting sales doubly on the Media platform. And there can be no better way than using real people for promoting your products, who become influencers themselves instead of using celebrity users for promotions. On using real people, influencers can easily take the back seat. The existing customers’ review can help in promoting the product in exchange for freebies and discounts.

Keywords and hashtags required for searching pay an extra pivotal role, and so do tag lines like ‘Flash Sale’ and offer coupons that create a sense of an urgent need to pick up a product lest the customer loses the offer.

Share user-generated content

It is human-psyche to know as much about the brand before buying one online. Consumers keen on making a purchase will sketch a full review of the product before buying it. Reviews are referred to find out and make sure the product is worth their trust. Reviews ease anxiety as people or consumers do not want to invest in products that they barely know.

The reviews help to suppress brand anxiety that a customer barely knows. Social media marketing thrives on content created in-house for promotion and by other consumers’ positive image to drive more sales. It is by far the easiest way to promote sales and brand loyalty with existing customers and add brand credibility.

Generate valuable content to educate and entice your audience

Social media thrives on content and educating consumers with valuable content with less than 150 or 35 words. The content that they generate is often engaging and compelling enough to decide them for making a purchase. Besides promoting blog posts on social media, bite-sized information content is also provided to attract customers. 

Ideally, a content guideline should be on something else that encourages sales for the product. Like an exciting dress design presented in a video would be very attractive provided the material purchased is correct. An advertiser can promote his merchandise by reaching the brand for use in the product advertised; you should give a guideline on reaching that content with the right information.

Invest in social media advertising

The social media platform is so popular; it has millions of users. But finding a social media platform that targets your audience is not enough. You still need to use other platforms for advertising about the product that you have.

This initiative is for others to have heard of you before. By investing in lesser expensive sites for brand advertising, it eventually notices them on the famous social networking sites where the product has maximum ensured visibility for the brand for a segment where it is required to be sold. Instagram promotes half its products through terribly tiny tales or videos with short stories endorsing the brand products through models and visual delights that yield the maximum results.

Use pins to simplify the purchase process

Pinterest is one of the most beautiful platforms for social media marketing.
Showcasing visually delightful products based on picture quality and content to market products that are visually orientated. Several brands have enough testimonials to the fact that pictures or brands advertised on Pinterest yield 50 percent more response for sales generated from visual orientation and add postings pinned on the site to develop sales interest, therefore, ‘Pinterest.’

Therefore the use of rich pins/posts, which have vital information about the product, makes it easier for people to reach purchase decisions. The ‘add to Bag’ makes buying the product simpler when on checking out from the site, the customer pays for the product through the shipping information and payment details provided that simply help conversion for sales quickly generated through leads provided on the giveaway leads provided on mobiles just by posting pictures.

A similar investment can be made on ad campaigns on Twitter or LinkedIn by customizing the ads or showcasing the products that users keep visiting. It eventually throws light on the popularity of the product. And it helps eventually entice them to go through with the purchase.


Social media marketing has replaced the way marketing is done. No money is now required for big advertisement campaigns on billboards or media journals to launch a product, as was done earlier. All of it has been revolutionized by condensing it and providing it on Android mobile platforms. Social media platforms increase sales, winning the trust of people through influencers and customer reviews alike.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to make buying hassle-free in turbulent times, so steps that might dissuade people from making a purchase have to be avoided at all costs. As mentioned earlier, for all of it, it is crucial to have brand consistency. However, different markets and products would like other social media marketing approaches.

It is not one size fits all kind of an approach even here. And all are based on market and consumer behavior. With the online assignment expert approach, if you are still not convinced, see the digital marketing assignment help for more details online on service providers