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Feeling hungry?? Want to eat some delicious food?? I am sure that Sandwich is the first most thought in our mind whenever these kind of thoughts come in our mind. Of course, Sandwiches are good for any time of the day to satisfy your hunger and taste buds as well.

Why Sandwiches are preferred the most?

They are delicious, easy to make and they are saviors when hunger strikes and lacking of ingredients and will to cook. This is the case of good old sandwiches which can be made as simple as you want or you can make it creatively by adding the most exotic ingredients of town.

Simple or layered, stuffed or single, toasted or grilled, sandwiches are the love, which can satisfy us to the core of our heart! In a sudden attack of hunger, make a wholesome sandwich that won’t leave you hungry. If you have no time, look no further than a sandwich. Sandwiches are easy to pack and take along when you are going on a trip even.

Secret behind the name “Sandwich”

The name Sandwich was named after John Montagu, 4th earl of Sandwich, a British statesman. He often ordered a piece of meat tucked between two breads. He was such a fond of this preparation due to the ease with which he could hold while playing cards.

Tips for making a perfect Sandwich

  1. Breads are the perfect basis for Sandwiches. You have so much options in your galore. The thumb rule to make a good sandwich is to choose a right bread. For moist stuffing, choose a dry and dense bread. A thick crust will hold the stuffing in place properly.
  2. You can toast it or serve it grilled. Toasting brings out the sweetness of bread.
  3. Give your Sandwich a creamy texture by using a spread. You can choose from Mayonnaise, BBQ or the healthy alternatives like whole grain mustard, pesto or curd and homemade salsa sauce.
  4. Spread the sauce till the edges of the Sandwiches. Add hydrating ingredients like tomatoes and cucumber at the end, right before serving. You can use a cheese layer or meat layer between the veggies stuffing. You can spread butter on the bread to avoid sogginess.
  5. You can add some spinach, cabbage and lettuce to add some freshness to your Sandwich.
  6. You should keep it simple rather than overstuff it with veggies and sauces. For giving it a finishing touch, sprinkle herbs or seasoning on it. Try to balance flavor by choosing different kind of tastes. If the ingredients are heavy then you need to choose light sauces or vinegar.

All in all, Sandwiches are wonderful. You don’t need a spoon or plate even. And we can’t argue more! Sandwiches are wonderful, that’s it!