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Today, many industries are experiencing a pandemic of resignations, so employee retention has never been more important. While money is the top motivator to stay with a company, other reasons why people choose to stay loyal is recognition and appreciation. When the staff feels respected, it will boost motivation, productivity and staff retention and engagement. So how can you show your love towards your employees?

Be intentional and verbal with praise

In today’s corporate world, we always treat everyone like they are replaceable. However, this is not a very fair approach that will develop a good connection between you and your employees. If you want to make your staff feel valued, make sure they know they offer something to the company that is unique to them only.

For instance, when assigning tasks you can say something like: “The last task you did was outstanding, so now we have a new picky client that wants a result full of interesting details and I know only you can handle them right now”. Or you can challenge them by saying “Last week you really did well during your presentation. You might be ready to tackle something bigger like a monthly client presentation”.

Celebrate their birthdays

Some people want to stay undisturbed at work on their birthdays, but others would really appreciate some attention. Celebrate your employees’ birthdays by getting a cake and snacks for everyone to enjoy. Show your appreciation by gifting them with something unique and personalized. Even if you buy bulk birthday cards to create equality among the staff, you can still write something unique inside. Mention their interests, a unique joke between the two of you or throw in a gift card for their favorite restaurant or store. As long as you do something unique for every birthday person, they will feel much more appreciated and cherished.

Recognize individual accomplishments

It’s important to celebrate teamwork, but if you truly want to make someone feel appreciated, make sure to single them out and reward them for their hard work—with something that the rest of the staff won’t receive. If an employee showed exceptional results in the past few months, let them skip the office and send them for an all-inclusive seminar. Or you can attend a conference with your best employee as your right hand. Even smaller gestures and rewards can go a long way such as letting them take off early on Friday. By celebrating their individual accomplishments, you will show your appreciation and fill your employees with a sense of pride.

Learn a few things about their personal lives

Probably the simplest way to make someone feel appreciated is to learn a few things about their family, hobbies, weekend activities and upcoming special dates and events. Showing genuine interest in your employees’ lives (in a way that’s not nosy) will make them feel valued. Make sure to show off your interest by asking questions like “How was your anniversary last night” or “Did you see the game on Sunday?”

Create fun traditions

Happy hour with tasty drinks or Taco Tuesdays for the gang will not only show off your appreciation but also promote teamwork and team closeness. A fun tradition in your office might be Friday treats provided by the corporate or a quick visit to the nearby bar after work to relax and mingle.

Provide flexibility

When you allow your workers to perform their duties remotely or allow them to come in late or leave early from time to time, it will certainly be interpreted as a sign of appreciation and trust. Especially today during the pandemic, a flexible work schedule is a huge signal that your boss recognizes your work and your work-life balance. If you’re stuck in a particularly hard period with a lot of tasks, you can post a calendar and allow people to adjust their time off. It’s a much better solution for everyone than for the boss to choose free days.

Provide feedback

It’s important to keep your employees informed about their performance and give them feedback on what they can do better and how. Receiving positive feedback is one of the key elements that make people feel appreciated. Receiving praise is meaningful, but the feedback concerning improvement is even more important because it can result in professional growth. Also, providing only negative feedback can cause stress and be contra-productive for motivation.

Provide opportunities to grow

Modern workers want to constantly improve their performance and receive effective and professional training. Many professionals have a strong drive for growth, education and improvement of their skills and positions. If you provide your staff with a chance to grow and develop their skills, they will certainly appreciate the opportunity and work hard to elevate their work.

Your employees are the reason your company is doing well, so make sure to show your appreciation and reward their accomplishments and hard work. Workers who feel valued and respected are more likely to stay loyal to your company and give it their all when handling tasks and communicating with clients.