by Zac Ferry

Eye tests are not restricted to a simple consultation and then getting the glasses or the contact lens. With the amount of stress we all are putting on our eyes every day and the extent of exposure of our eyes to the harmful radiations, it is very much expected that we will suffer from several kinds of eye problems. Some of these problems need a small treatment that can be afforded from own pocket while some require huge finance. It is for those times that the bulk billing facility becomes a savior.

What Is Bulk Billing?

Bulk billing is a method for eye testing by which you can evade the expenses of eye care facilities and tests. In Australia, those covered under the medical benefits from healthcare schemes can avail the bulk billing eye test facility.

In this process, a patient is not charged a single fee, be it the doctor’s consultation charges or the fees of any pathological or radiological examination mentioned within the bulletin board of bulk billing by eye health insurances such as Medicare. The Health schemes pays the entire money, and the patient can easily get the eyes tested and treated without producing a single penny from his pocket.

What Are The Benefits Of Bulk Billing Eye Testing In Australia?

There are several benefits of the bulk billing eye test in Australia for every patient covered under the category. To make you more familiar with this medical benefit, we have mentioned some of the advantages that bulk billing have in eye test and treatment.

  1. No Financial Investment: the first and foremost benefit of the bulk billing facility is that you wouldn’t have to make a single investment. With the bulk billing facility from medical insurance, you do not have to spend a single dollar on the treatments you will receive. All the eyes tests, in few cases the treatment coverage will be under the insurance.
  2. Perfect For Retired Persons: this kind of healthcare facility is perfect for those who have retired. Retired people either meet their expenses from the pensions or the savings they have. So, if they can get medical exemptions in eye treatment, they would save a lot of bucks that they can use for some other purpose.
  3. No Restriction On Treatments: with the bulk billing eye test, you don’t have to restrict yourself from getting the proper treatment which is required. The clauses mention about the full tests to be carried out under the medical insurance for the eyes. After the tests, treatment is covered for the patients. Can be used to get rebates on normal eye diagnosis let’s say you have the bulk billing card. But unfortunately, you are not eligible to get the benefit. Under such a scenario, you will get a certain rebate on the amount you will be charged.

Who Can Get The Bulk Billing Benefits?

For availing bulk billing eye test, you need to have a valid health insurance card issued by the government itself. Now, based on your age, you will be able to avail the service.

  • If you are below sixty-five years of age, you will be able to get your eye tested under bulk billing facility every three years.
  • If you are sixty-five or above it, you can get your eye diagnosed every year with the health scheme’s card.

What Eye Problems Are Covered Under The Bulk Billing Eye Test? 

Under the bulk billing health schemes a certain number of eye problems and treatments are covered. Before you avail the service, you should know more about the facility cover areas in terms of eye health.

  1. Change in the visual functioning and performance
  2. The occurrence of new eye problem symptoms which were not inspected beforehand
  3. A progressive eye disorder.


This article covers almost all the basics you need to know about the bulk billing eye test facility in Australia. Now, all you need to do is call up the clinic, ask whether the eye professional offers bulk-billing treatment or not, and then book an appointment.