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Artificial turf is a type of surface made out of synthetic fibers that simulates natural grass. Because of its durability, this material is commonly used in sports arenas and stadiums. Over the years, homeowners have come to use it all over the house in various settings. They started to admire the services that really beneficial to decorate the place without meeting any kind of inconveniences.

Perhaps it has appeared on your balcony, in a sports stadium, or even at home. Natural grass is increasingly being replaced by Artificial Grass Suppliers Geelong, which is causing havoc in the interior design industry. Greenery is added to your home without the hassle of mowing the lawn. In this article, you will find a number of resources to assist you.


Your artificial grass should be designed with foot traffic in mind. Sports and other outdoor activities require turf that is long-lasting if your family is a fan of them. Synthetic turf needs to be resistant to foot traffic. The artificial grass on a fibrillated lawn soon becomes shabby and dull when you step on it. Artificial grass that can’t stand up to a lot of traffic isn’t a good investment because it will soon wear out. While you are at it, make sure that your turf has a soft, pleasant texture.

Quality in Artificial Grass Suppliers Geelong

Select polypropylene, polyamide, or polyethylene turf for artificial grass of high quality that feels soft. Check for an even backing, properly stitched tufts, and consistent color. Turf that lasts longer costs more, but it is a wise investment for the long term. You should be able to choose from a variety of turfs from landscaping suppliers. It can be difficult to buy turf online. Even if you request a sample, it will not give you a good idea of how the whole lawn will look once the turf has been installed.

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Pile Height

If you prefer a luxurious look, you might like the idea of a taller pile height. The thicker and heavier the grass, the more likely it is to bend, which can result in a flatter-looking lawn. A lawn with a natural appearance should have a pile height between 30 and 37 millimeters. A shorter pile height is more durable if you plan to keep your furniture on artificial grass. To ensure that the artificial grass blades stay upright, brush the artificial grass regularly, regardless of the pile height.

Infil And Backing

Grass infill helps maintain an artificial lawn’s lush appearance and keep it springy. Other infill materials include sand and rubber crumb. Choosing the right infill material for your budget is easier when you work with a landscaping supply company. Artificial grass has a polyurethane or latex backing. A polyurethane product will not expand to the extent of a latex product, but latex may expand to the extent of five to 10 millimeters. If you live in an extreme climate, you should choose a backing made of polyurethane.

The Color And Price

When choosing artificial grass, color is another very important consideration. It can be made to resemble natural grass by mixing fibers and shades, but remember that natural grass usually isn’t green. It’s never too much if the imperfections are controlled. Pricing is also a very important factor. It will be much easier to install a lawn if you find artificial grass that is affordable and matches your goals. Moreover, your artificial lawn will have been fully repaid after 2-4 years, making it cheaper than natural grass.

Wrapping Up!

Natural grass requires plenty of maintenance and can be costly and time-consuming for homeowners, so artificial grass is a popular option. Before choosing a turf, be sure to look into all of the factors above. With Auzzie turf, you can find the perfect Artificial Grass Suppliers Geelong for your landscaping project. They have a wide range of artificial grass for retail and wholesale customers in Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. All their products are matched with Australian quality and standards.