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There is nothing like capturing the essence of a moment and treasuring it for years to come. The art of photography is such that it can capture emotions that can be expressed for just a fraction of a second. If you give it a thought without knowing the science behind it or even knowing that the science exists, photography can seem very magical. Almost out of a book. 

Family photographs are a yearly tradition for so many families. It’s a low key event that brings everyone together for that one day. No matter how busy the family is, everyone makes it on this day. This also makes it a day to look forward to. Whether you hire an Adelaide photographer or take self portraits, fun is guaranteed. If you have grandparents in your family, this event is much more special and emotional for them to see their entire family gathered around them. 

So, how do you click family photographs? 

Decide what time of the day works best. 

You need to figure out a time during the day when natural light is adequate and everyone is free. Putting a pin on the golden hour is your best option. The soft natural light allows for a lot of gracefulness in your photos. Everyone will definitely be fresh and not exhausted as you start your day with this activity. 

Getting the family comfortable. 

Children and dads are people who aren’t the most comfortable when it comes to being the subject of the lens. It’s better to give them their own time, help them choose outfits, or even attempt to match your outfit color scheme. 

Click photos and show them how everything is turning out so they have a better understanding of what they can do to get ‘the’ photo. Give your family breaks when they seem burned out. Hand out candies and refreshments. If you’re a dad, offer your kids a piggy back ride as a fun activity! 


Think of yourself in front of the camera and realize that maybe you could fall short in terms of spirit and confidence. What do you do in times like these? Suggest poses that will help everyone calm down and get in their element. Suggest looking at each other and just talking for a few candids, remind them of something funny or crack a joke that will get everyone laughing. It’s about capturing the essence of the family after all. 

Everyone has one main question – ‘what do I do with my hands?’ Keep it casual or go for the typical hand on hip or hand around the next person’s waist, whatever makes you more comfortable. 

Shoot from different angles. 

Don’t limit your photos to a single angle. Play around with the camera angles. Try different angles as you strike different poses. Have the kids run around for fun photographs. If you have a pet, it’s time to let them have some fun too. Take portraits of just the kids or just the parents from different angles. Use the zoom feature and get close ups. There is so much you can do with a camera!

Get help. 

The internet is your playground. Look up the model of your camera or whatever you’re shooting with and find out tips and tricks. There are so many groups on Facebook, so many photography tips accounts on Instagram that show a detailed video of how you could get great photos. 

Once you have a bunch of cute photos, you can cherish them for the rest of your life. You could have them framed, use them as a postcard for holiday greetings for your extended family. You will not just click good photos, but also create multiple memories from the process of it. Make it something that your family looks forward to. And if you feel you need a professional, look up ‘family photography Adelaide’ and get in touch with some amazing photographers!