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Shopping secondhand can be an incredibly rewarding experience on many levels. You get to save the environment by not purchasing more new clothing and adding to waste, as well as the potential to find a genuine bargain. Secondhand shopping can be somewhat of an art form, though, with many tips or tricks to learn to make sure you get the most out of your shopping. If you’re interested in shopping secondhand or are heading to the shops, try using this formula for the perfect secondhand shop.

Look beyond brick and mortar

Secondhand shopping doesn’t mean you have to hit the pavement and multiple shops to find what you’re looking for. Secondhand steals exist online as well; eBay is a great example of where you can find some incredible secondhand items. You can also earn Qantas Points shopping on eBay. Shopping online for your secondhand items comes with the added benefits of being able to save items and make sure you know when there are others interested. Online shopping has come a long way, and secondhand items can be purchased from almost anywhere and shipped to your door. That means you can look beyond the local stores and open up a whole new world of opportunities.

The brand isn’t everything

Many secondhand or thrift stores will make sure the well-known brands are front and centre in their displays. Getting a bargain on one of these brands isn’t impossible, but it is unlikely. Instead of going for big brand names, look for items that don’t carry the brands you might know and instead are great pieces you may not have heard of. Secondhand stores are packed with brands you won’t have heard of and beautiful pieces you can get your hands on for very good prices. These items are more likely to be unique and probably spent some time being very precious to their previous owner. Next time you go secondhand shopping, consider dropping the label and giving new life to that unique item.

Be wary of damage

Naturally, damaged clothes and stained or torn items are often very cheap and, for some savvy shoppers, can be a real bargain. Before you reach for that damaged item, however, be sure to think carefully about your circumstances and if the bargain is just too good to be true. If you can’t see yourself fixing that broken zip or attempting to patch that hole, save yourself the small price and put the item back. Bargains will be found when you go secondhand shopping; you just need to be sure the bargain isn’t going to haunt you in the future when you find the item still burning a hole in your closet. If a broken zip or a stain doesn’t bother you, then the damaged section might be the place for you. The items are almost always marked down and represent real value for the shopper who can fix them or isn’t bothered by them.

Prepare to spend some time

Secondhand shopping is all about patience and perseverance. There are only so many hours in the day and so many secondhand stores to visit. In some cities, there are entire streets dedicated to secondhand shops, so be prepared to spend some time on your feet. If you’re looking to get some quality secondhand bargains, do yourself a favour and set aside the right amount of time. Wading through the racks can take time, don’t expect to visit one store and find everything you were after. Do your research and plan your day accordingly. Try to visit an area with a few shops and allow yourself enough time to bounce from store to store, combing those racks for the real bargains. You’ll want to dress comfortably and in clothes that are easy to take off and get back on again.

Ask yourself if you need it

Shopping secondhand can be a bit of a rush, especially when you find yourself a genuine bargain. It’s important to ask yourself whether you need something or you’re just attracted to it because of the price tag. The point of secondhand shopping is to help reduce waste and maybe get a bargain at the same time. Buying something for the sake of low price means it’s just as likely to find its way to the bin down the line when you realise you didn’t actually need it. Before you get out your wallet to pay for that item, ask whether you really need it or not.

Secondhand shopping is a wonderful way to replenish your wardrobe with pre-loved clothing or items from another home. It’s also a wonderful way to combat waste and save yourself some money on your shopping. There are some key insights you’ll want to be aware of before you head out shopping, though. If you’re on your way to finding some secondhand goodies, use this guide to get the most out of your shopping.