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Considering the major features of Synthetic Grass Brisbane is quite important while going to purchase. Don’t forget to implement all the above-mentioned things before buying.

Rather than natural grass, installing artificial turf is best for your garden. It looks like real grass and requires low maintenance. This is made with high-quality materials that will endure for more years. It is worth your investment and saves you from spending on the water bill, garden equipment, pesticides, and more. It will tolerate all kinds of weather conditions and always stays in the same lavish green color. As it is torn and wear-resistant, your pets or kids will play without fear on its surface. But be sure to buy the Synthetic Grass Brisbane from reputable dealers to enjoy its amazing benefits. Not only at home, but it is also used in various public places such as a park, playground, golfing, and more. Refer below to know some incredible features of fake grass that you should know.

Heat And Frost Resistant

Natural grass will fade out and be affected by the extreme level of heat and frost. But the synthetic turf will have the features of frost and heat resistance that can endure in any kind of climate condition. It also helps to reduce the heat level in your areas as it can absorb the warmth and it would never be hot like the natural lawn. If you live in an area where the weather level is in extreme condition, then the fake grass is the ideal choice for you.

Synthetic Grass Brisbane Is UV Stabilized 

The artificial grass is stabilized under the Ultra Violet ray while producing it. So, there is no damage to the UV rays and intimates the process of evaporative cooling by sweating out to heat to lessen the temperature. This feature will help to make the lawn last for a long time in the sun. You can consider this feature while buying the synthetic grass to install on your home.


If you go to be grilling on the lawn or using a fire pit set up nearby the grass, then consider the non-flammable feature. It helps to eliminate the risks of fire and ensure the safety of your family. This is made of advanced plastic polymers that would melt under extreme heat but won’t spread or fuel fire. It is one of the incredible characteristics that you have to consider while buying fake grass.

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Non-Absorbent Fiber

The non-absorbent feature helps to prevent your garden from animal being and smells, which can be extremely hard to get out. This quality of the artificial grass will deal with these problems in the best way. It may look quite expensive, but it is worth the pay that reduces the work of cleaning and spending on the water bill. If you installed the turf in a pool, then it won’t be affected by the smell of chlorine with the aid of this characteristic.

Urethane Backing

The perfect backing on your synthetic turf will ensure things like the yard will last for a long time; it is strong and allows water to drain well. Urethane coat on the support of fake grass helps to keep the products extremely durable and looks very tough. The nylon product will add more strength to the lawn and extend the lifetime of the turf. It will withstand high traffic and stay for a long time without any damage or repair.


The non-staining is one of the essential features that you have to know while purchasing synthetic grass. The way of using the lawn is not a matter, but you have to ensure that it won’t stain easily. The non-staining quality will help to protect the color of the blades from dropped foods, toys that may be left out in the bad climate, or animal waste. It also reduces your cleaning work, and the grass will stay in the same color for more years.


The perforation feature of the artificial grass will ensure that messes and water will be able to drain swiftly through your lawn. It helps to prevent the yard from dealing with puddles. It will make your child play without getting dirty and avoid the worry about the messes of cats or dogs. If you live in a wet area, then you have to get the fake grass that is perforated to drain quickly.

Different Color Blades

Variation in the artificial grass blades will make sure that the turf looks realistic. You can choose the colors like white solid, bright colors, and green that brings a natural look to your garden. So, it will look real and enhance the aspect of your home immensely. It is essential to choose the right color blade while buying synthetic grass.

End Lines

While you consider the above features, your Synthetic Grass Brisbane will endure for more years. At Auzzie turf, we provide you with the best artificial grasses that will last for long at your place. It is made of high-quality materials and has incredible features that are worth what you pay.

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