by Thomas Jain

Do you need to increase your keyword ranking and organic traffic to the website? If yes, then you can use the SEO tools. It saves the business owner from complex and boring keyword research and data analysis. The SEO tool allows you to see which strategy could benefit from some modification and also lookout what is working.

The keyword plays a crucial role in the content. With the right keywords, you can increase traffic to your website. The SEO tool offers a report about where the opportunity lies and how to determine competitors. You can also measure the search performance of language, country, and regions.

Using SEO software help you save more time and generate correct reports quickly. There are lots of free SEO tools in the current market. So you need to focus on the best one that is helpful to add to the toolbox. The SEO software is completely free and mostly used by the SEO community. The followings are some popular free SEO tools:

  1. Google Search Console
    One of the popular free SEO tools is the google search console. It is the best way for the new webmaster to start with search engine optimization. This tool provides you essential information about your website. It can access the performance of the website and monitor the issue to fix it. Search Console is updated constantly which allows you to perform the keyword research smoothly.
  2. Answer the public
    This tool provides you lots of keyword ideas according to a single keyword. It provides two free searches per day. You can enter any keyword in the tool and get the list of long-tail keywords.
  3. Google Ads Keyword planner
    If you are priming the web copy it is important to find the right keyword to target. Google Ads Keyword planner is not simple to use like Google Search Console. But it helps you to find the right keywords for your website content.
  4. Google Optimize
    Search Engine Optimization is not all about website ranking. Without the right content that engages with the visitors and drives more conversions. Google Optimize is the best free SEO software that allows you to test the content of the site by comparing all elements on the page and simple testing of different pages.
  5. KWFinder
    KWFinder is one of the recommended SEO keyword tools. You can find the long-tail keywords by using this tool, which has lover competition. Many SEO experts in Melbourne use this tool to find accurate keywords. They can determine the ranking when tracking the improvement depends on one key metric.
  6. SpyFu
    SpyFu is the best SEO tool that is available in both the free and paid version. You can try the free version and get searched the targeted keywords when determining the ranking for the keyword. It allows you to research the competitor to evaluate the keywords they utilize in their site.

These are free SEO tools in the market that allow you to prepare a list of long-tile keywords for your website.

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