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Erectile dysfunction is a prevailing sexual problem among men these days; and this problem can affect a man at any age and time. But generally does in old age or after 50’s. Although, by taking guidance and counselling from a expert sexologist; can be helpful and people can come out of the problem of Erectile Dysfunction easily. The main symptom of the problem is when a person is unable to keep his erections firm enough during sexual encounters. This can also cause a lot of tension and issues in his personal lives, as he is unable to satisfy his partner well; which sometimes even leads to separation.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction can be an outcome of any underlying physical ailment, or psychological issues such as stress and depression, or can be caused due to the combination of the two. This problem can be successfully cured by taking prescribed medications and counseling. If they show no effect on the patient then he is recommended to use assistive devices such as pumps. You may feel uncomfortable while you discuss these issues to other people ;and hence online portals such as Ohman’s portal are successfully helping people who are dealing with intimate issues.

Different Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Available

With the enhancement in medical science, a lot of treatment options are available for curing Erectile Dysfunction. Some of the suggested Erectile Dysfunction treatments by experts are as follows.

Taking Oral drugs-

PDE5 inhibitors are special drugs that you should take 6-7 hours before sexual intercourse. These inhibitors help to increase blood flow in the penis and around 7 out of 10 men get better erections after using these drugs. Some of the PDE5 inhibitor erectile dysfunction medicines are Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and Stendra. But all these drugs should only be consumed under the guidance of a doctor; otherwise, they may have severe effects on your health.

Vacuum Erection Pumps-

Some specially designed pumps are helpful in providing erections to the users. The pump creates a vacuum channel and forces blood flow in the penis. Which helps in providing better erections to the user which is helpful for them in sexual intercourse.

Self Injections-

Self-injections, such as Bimix is also helpful in curing ED and providing instant erections. These self-injections are to be used 15-20 minutes before the sexual interactions. The drugs in the injection increase the blood flow in the penis and hence gives the user instant erections. These self-injections should be strictly used under the guidance of doctors; so you don’t face any harsh repercussions of using them.

Surgical Erectile Dysfunction Treatments-

However, this has the highest success rate; this can not be performed on aged males. In this therapy penile implant is done which makes the penis stiff during intercourse. Although there are a lot of risk factors; and hence is generally not done on older males.

Why Should I go for allopatheic Erectile Dysfunction treatments-

Allopathic treatments are so famous and the first choice of treatments for many doctors. As the drugs help to cure the ailment instantly and show positive results without any delay. These drugs show their results very fast and hence patients do not have to wait for desired results. They also work on everybody in any given situation.

Which Platform provides Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction Online-

Ohman’s portal provides successful and affordable Erisil Plus Erectile Dysfunction treatments to all the intimate problems of men. The medicines which the portal suggests for different intimate issues are FDA approved and are extremely safe to use under any given situations. Some of the treatments might require a prescribed certificate to buy them, while others do not require. The treatments for Erectile Dysfunction by Ohman portal are as follows-

Male Pelvic Toner-

This medically proven toner helps to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. Because these pelvic floor muscles are highly vital in sexual activity .The toner uses the principle of physical therapy to tone these muscles. This toner comes for 5,500 INR, and users should use it for 30-60 minutes daily. The buyer does not need a physicians certificate to buy the toner.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments - Male Pelvic Toner

Winner Cream-

The most popular product which is used to cure Erectile Dysfunction is Winner cream. The hard erection are a cause of the anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties of this cream. The cream price is 350 INR, and you do not need a certified medical document to buy the product. To get erections in time you have to apply this cream 30 minutes before your intercourse on your penis and get the results.

Performance Pack-

This pack uses scientific methods which help in curing Erectile Dysfunction. The components of the pack improve the blood circulation in the penis and also increases stamina. One pack lasts for 30 days and contains prescribed medicines, health supplements, one consultation, and an instruction card. The buyer do not needs to have a medical certificate to buy this product for them.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments - Performance Pack

Nu Prep Tongat Ali-

This traditional herb is capable to increase the level of testosterone in men. This is also a traditional medicine which people take to increase overall energy, to increase libido and also works as an anti aging drug. This drug comes for 3,500 INR and lasts for 2 months. One does not needs a medical prescription to buy this medicine. To get the desired results you should take 2 capsules of Nu Prep Tongkat Ali daily after breakfast.

How to order Medicines from Ohman-

It is extremely easy to order medicines from Ohman; and it is just like ordering medicines from any other shopping platform. These steps to buy product from Ohman are as follows-

  1. Choose the medical condition which you are suffering from – By checking out the symptoms of the problems; choose the problem which you think you are suffering from. If you are still are not sure you can call the helpline number of Ohman.
  2. Choose the product- The second step is to choose the product which you think can be helpful to help you cure your problem.
  3. Complete your Purchase of the products- After you complete the payment for your desired products. A doctor from Ohman calls you and makes a telephonic prescription; which is later given to you so that you can take your medicines as per prescription.
  4. Relax and receive the product in the promised timeline.
How to order Medicines from Ohman


Erectile Dysfunction is a intimate problem which ,en go through but they do not discuss it openly. Hence , some online portals similar to Ohman’s are portal are constantly taking care of these intimate issues and are providing effective results to them. They deliver all the medicines at your doorsteps, and are highly confidential with your private information.

So, if you are also looking for effective solutions which can help you get out of your problems. Look out the online portal of Ohman by clicking the link ”” and order your products today.