by Martin Cooper

There are certain illnesses that keep you bedridden for a long time. As a result, your muscles become slack and lose tone. Even bones are likely to become a bit weaker. The same situation arises when you are bedridden after an accident. Once you are on the recovery path your doctor is likely to recommend physiotherapy to speed up healing and make you fit. For this, you will find clinical pilates Balwyn therapists offer to be the best remedy for a speedy recovery.

Clinical pilates address core issues

  • Patients who have been bedridden for a long time are likely to experience pain at several points. One main point is the lower back. This happens due to the abdominal muscles becoming slack and when you start moving it causes strain. The slack muscles are not able to take the load. Clinical pilates Balwyn treatments focus on helping patients to strengthen their core abdominal area and thus prevent or overcome pain.
  • The spin, shoulder and neck are other troublesome areas that generate pain and discomfort. If you have been lying down for days together then the spine goes out of alignment and causes pressure on nerve endings. Muscles atrophy a little and must be brought back into shape to support shoulder and neck bones. Your clinical pilates physiotherapist will train you to maintain the right posture. This is the starting point to more pilates exercises that strengthen muscle groups and even strengthen bones in the process.

Pilates is better at improving recovery speed. Patients use their mind consciously to control groups of muscles even as they undertake mild stretching and strengthening exercises during the recovery phase.

Clinical Pilates more beneficial than plain exercises

Plain exercise could involve something as simple as walking or stretching or even swimming. Clinical Pilates is comprehensive in helping speed up recovery and overcomes pain in a natural way.

  • Your physiotherapist conducts a thorough examination to find out areas of your body that need attention. A set of pilates exercises are designed to address these areas.
  • You will focus mentally and physically on maintaining a good posture. That automatically makes you feel good. When you sit upright or stand, you will also draw in the abdominal muscles, stretch it, contract it and release it. This gives tonality and strength to the core muscle group. You will feel more energetic.
  • When you engage in pilates you use your mind to control muscle groups. Gentle exercises promote blood flow and oxygenation leading to better tissue regeneration. Oxygenation of the brain also helps release endorphins that make you feel better.
  • Regular exercises may be beyond you or tire you out since they are boring. Here, you become the actor and director of your recovery and stay fully immersed.

Should you be recovering after a long illness or an injury it is best to choose MD Health clinical pilates Balwyn treatment for a speedy recovery and a changed lifestyle that will stay with you.