by Ashley Kinsela

You must have come across the term prefabricated houses, which means the houses are build or manufactured in a factory and then transported to the site. Later, they will assemble these parts on your site.  They will maintain the building code and assist you to take the required permission from the local municipality.

Prefab houses Melbourne has existed for a very long time, if you read the history you will come across roman soldiers building prefab castles on newly conquered lands. It is in recent years that these houses have picked up the pace and they are in demand by many homeowners across the world.

Types of prefab houses available in Melbourne:

There are majorly 3 different types of prefab houses in Melbourne. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

1. Modular prefab houses

These prefab houses Melbourne is just like building houses with Lego blocks. There are predesigned and built modules are put together to build a house. Just like Lego blocks you can arrange and rearrange the house, and you can remove or add rooms.  You can relocate your home from one place to another.

2. Panel prefab houses

These prefab houses in Melbourne are more in demand as compared to modular houses because it is stress-free to transport different panels. For these homes, the foundation is laid first and the wall panels are installed. These are also used for making offices. So if you want to build a small office then you can design a prefab office at less cost.

3. Manufactured prefab houses

Back in the 70s, these prefab houses in Melbourne were known as mobile homes or trailer homes because you can transport these houses by road with wheels attached to them. These prefab houses are factory-made with a solid base made from cement along with the wheels. You can remove the wheels once the house has been transported to the site. These houses are made in steel frames, and they are durable than other homes.

Let’s understand the advantages of prefab houses in Melbourne

1. Costs

To build prefab houses in Melbourne, the manufacturers buy the material in bulk which costs them less and in turn cost you less too. The cost of the prefab house is decided by the size of the house, a smaller house costs less than a bigger house. If you do not want to end up paying mortgages on your home, you can go for prefab houses and the cost is around $70-$75 per square foot whereas the traditional house costing is around $125 – $150 per square foot. So you can see for yourself that prefab houses cost you less than the traditional houses.

2. Build

Construction companies that are experts in prefab houses in Melbourne know how to install different pieces of the prefab houses and how much time will it take to complete the house. With their help and assistance, you can quickly move into your new house as soon as possible without having to wait for months on end.

3. Environment friendly

When you build a traditional house, a lot of materials end up in waste and not recycled causing a lot of wastage, different materials required for the construction of the traditional homes are delivered to you by trucks which cause carbon emission which is not at all environment friendly. Whereas prefab homes are manufactured in a factory, the remaining materials are used by the manufactures in other prefab houses which ensure recycling of the materials as much as possible.


In this article, we have done our bit by highlighting some of the advantages of prefab houses in Melbourne. You can conduct your research too.