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Your employees did not join your company to clean, mop or dust the workplace. It would be a different case if you are a cleaning company. This is why it is better to provide them with a clean, neat, and healthier workplace and hire a company for commercial office cleaning in Perth for the cleaning of your office. If you want your business to grow and attract new talent, a healthier workplace plays a very important role in that. A clean office can make the employees feel happy, cheerful which leads to an increase in their motivation level and also an overall increase in their productivity too.  

How your workspace looks like and the condition it is kept in plays a crucial role in creating an impression on the customers and people who visit your company. This impression directly affects your bottom line. Many companies opt for hiring an in-office crew or janitors for the cleaning of their offices, while some go for third-party cleaning services. Many times people tend to use the terms janitorial services and commercial cleaning services interchangeably but let us tell you that there is a difference between them. 

How are commercial cleaning and janitorial services different from each other?

The janitorial services involve small everyday cleaning tasks. Commercial cleaning services, on the other hand, include the bigger cleaning jobs that are needed to be done a few times a year. Companies can hire a commercial cleaner in Perth to deep clean their office or building once a month or as per their convenience.

Services like carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, power washing, window washing, etc are included in the commercial cleaning services. Emptying trash, vacuuming the carpet, sweeping and mopping the floor, etc are the small cleaning jobs that are done by the janitors on an everyday basis. 

What are the benefits of commercial cleaning services for your company?

Commercial cleaning is professionally done by professional workers. Let us discuss a few reasons why you should opt for commercial cleaning services for your office. 


Commercial cleaning companies in Perth provide good quality cleaning services at reasonable prices. Outsourcing the cleaning of your office to a third-party cleaning company can significantly save the cost in a variety of areas of your business. First of all, the commercial company will only be having expert staff that will be doing the work in less time and with more efficiency. Apart from that, there will the elimination of costs involved in recruiting, screening, training, and managing and insurance of the employees hired for the cleaning of your office. This is because all the hiring, health care of the employees, and everything related to the cleaning employees will become the responsibility of the commercial cleaning company. 

Better experience 

Commercial office cleaning in Perth will give you better quality cleaning services. This is because they have experienced experts for this purpose who will not take much time to get the work done. They will be using the most effective methods and techniques to do the job in the right way. Whether there is a specific type of cleaning service required in the healthcare service industry or green cleaning services, these cleaning companies will be ready to provide almost all of them. Most professional cleaning contractors and companies even provide minor cleaning facilities like carpet cleaning, etc. 

No liability or insurance costs 

Because of the nature of the cleaning g work, there are a few risks associated with the cleaning staff. Outsourcing the cleaning services of your office to a third-party cleaning company can save you costs and time as you will not have to get the cleaning workers insured. It would be the responsibility of the third party to ensure its employees and take care of their safety. 

Better impression 

No matter how big or small your office or workplace is, if it is not clean and tidy, things might not work according to how you want. A clean office creates a good impression on the customers and spreads positive vibrations all around. It lets them know that you take care of your employees and their health. When a client or a customer enters your office for the first time, seeing the sparkling windows, clean carpet and neat floors will create an amazing first impression on them. 

When your business place is cleaned professionally using the best methods and the most advanced tools, there will be no place for dirt or bad odor.

Fewer sick leaves 

An employer has to suffer a huge cost per employee, every year because of loss of productivity that happens due to absenteeism. This leads to a decrease in the overall profit of the company. These costs can be controlled by hiring a commercial cleaner in Perth. These commercial cleaners keep the focus of their services specifically on the health of the employers and whoever is visiting the workplace. There are a lot of airborne pollutants in the atmosphere that can lead to the spread of germs and can even aggravate asthma. This is why it is important to ensure that office cleanliness is maintained. A healthy office means fewer employees will get sick which further means that productivity will be maintained. 

Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your workplace is surely a great long-term investment. It would help in keeping your place neat and tidy and will also save your cost, time, and efforts in the long run. You will not have to waste your time hiring workers for the cleanliness of the office which will save your time. This time can be used for the other important tasks of your business. A professionally cleaned workspace also adds to a positive aspect to your brand. 


There are a number of commercial cleaning companies in Perth. Know about the services offered by the various companies, learn about their reviews and work quality and only then sign a contract with the company. Looking for an experienced, trustworthy, and licensed commercial cleaning company? Get in touch with the Clean Bright