by salena

As we all know, Ayurveda aims at healing the body not by making use of certain herbal medicines but by ameliorating the quality of life. According to an Ayurvedic doctor in Punjab, the quality of life is highly determined by the following factors:

  • What do you eat?
  • How do you eat?
  • When do you eat?
  • When do you wake up?
  • When do you sleep?
  • How do you cleanse the organs?

So let us get to know the variegated aspects of a healthy lifestyle as per the ayurvedic lifestyle.

  • Connect with nature

People are not unaware of the fact that Ayurveda always suggests connecting with nature because nature is what can keep your mind and body healed for a significant period. People nowadays like to get confined within the four walls of the house and indulge in variegated mobile applications. They think that by doing this they are relaxing, but it is not so. If they are doing this they are stepping forward in getting oppressed with loneliness and other sorts of instabilities.

  • Let out your frustration

It is highly indispensable to not let frustration engraved in you. Because people who generally do not let out the frustration and keep on getting themselves bothered with the build-up, they are more likely to let the frustration outburst in a way that nobody thinks theft could do. Besides, the outburst never reflects your personality. It rather tells us how severely were you oppressed with frustration. To avoid the build-up you should find a person with whom you can share all your sorrows and griefs.

  • Improve potency with yoga

Yoga is vital for the establishment of physical & mental balance. Because in the absence of balance of any kind, one is sure to get in the trap of several kinds of diseases.

  • Wake up routine

Ayurvedic principles aim at instructing the ones who are carrying out the ayurvedic routine that it is mandatory to wake up at least two hours before the sun rises. Most of the afflictions which are getting prevalent today are the consequence of the unhealthy lifestyle and routine we follow.

  • Maintaining hygiene of the sense organs
  • As far as the sense organs are concerned, it becomes quintessentially important to sustain the hygiene of these. If these are not cleaned regularly, it will be definite for you to suffer from variegated affliction owing to poor hygiene. One is advised to:
  • Rinse eyes daily in the morning either with the Triphala soaked water or rose water
  • Scrape the tongue on regular basis to check the building up of the bacterial infections
  • Put two drops of the warm mustard oil which has included the garlic in it
  • Clean your ears daily to check the building of deposits of germs or dust
  • Your skin should be cleaned regularly with lukewarm water which not only cleans your body but also helps you to attain ultimate relaxation


If the individual is following all the aspects of the ayurvedic lifestyle as mentioned above then it is guaranteed he can not suffer from any sort of infection or ailment.