by hitesh hitesh

Facebook has been the prime social media platform for years now. That is why Facebook marketing in Sydney is getting extremely popular among the brands.  Facebook marketing allows you to put highly targeted paid advertisements in front of a massive audience.

How did Facebook become a marketing platform?

Marketing means engaging with the customers in different ways.  Facebook is an integral part of the marketing strategies and is one of the best ways of generating leads and converting them into potential customers of the brand. Facebook develops new ways to grow its marketing methods now and then. But the question is, how does Facebook marketing in Sydney benefit the businesses through marketing. Here are some of its benefits.

Exposure – Facebook has over a billion users and is the master of all social media platforms. It offers multiple ways for marketing in the form of pages, ads, and groups. The Facebook pages are massively used to represent a business or a brand. The group pages are perfect for organizations or brands to promote activities. Various users can visit and be a part of these groups and pages. They can also like, comment, and share the posts they like. It leads to interaction between the brand and the visitors.

Facebook has a good amount of demographic data of all of its users. It helps in targeting a particular niche of customers as per the advertiser’s choice. Facebook as an advertising platform has helped many brands reach heights of success in a short amount of time. Facebook campaigns can be shared millions of times in just a few days if liked by the viewers. That is the exposure we are talking about. If you want your brand to reach a large number of people, get in touch with a Facebook marketing agency in Sydney.

Low marketing expenses – You do not need to invest in designing your website as it costs a lot to develop and maintain it, especially if you are a small business. With the help of Facebook advertising, you can easily engage with a large audience. You can create a Facebook page for your brand at no cost and upload content about it on it. Facebook ads are very beneficial for targeting potential customers for your brand. These ads are paid, cost-friendly, and provides higher returns.

Facebook charges you on a few different bases. The main charging methods are Cost per Million (CPM) on Cost per Click (CPC) basis. CPM payment is done per thousand impressions and CPC payment on every click. You can adjust the sales campaigns on Facebook based on their performance. Try creating Facebook ads for mobile phone users in particular. It is responsible for about 66% of Facebook’s revenue ad revenue.

Increased brand Loyalty – Facebook makes it possible for the brand and the audience to have a quick interaction. It makes it easy for the brand to respond quickly to the demands, queries, and questions of the customers. It leads to an increase in brand loyalty. People these days resort to social media platforms like Facebook to get information about the products they are interested in. If you give quick answers to their queries and clear all their doubts, they will start to trust your brand. It will help you sow the seeds of loyalty.

Facebook marketing generates a high amount of engagement. It allows liking, commenting, and sharing the posts that build a strong connection between the prospect customers and the brand. A stronger connection means that there will be a high chance of the leads getting converted into customers. Word of mouth will further expand the reach of your brand. With Facebook, you can get opportunities to enter new markets and grow your business in ways you haven’t even imagined.

Increased web traffic – Facebook allows advertisers to add links to their posts. These links take the users to the respective websites of the brands. The users that go to your website are the potential leads as they willingly click and visit your website. Once the user reaches your website, they can have a better look at what you offer. Call to action buttons works the best at that time.

The visitors or viewers who like your Facebook page will start to get updates about your page. Even their Facebook friends will be able to see your page on their feed. It increases your brand’s reach to a whole new level.

Information – Facebook insights are very useful for digital marketers. Once you post a Facebook ad, you can get so much of the details from it. You can get information about: –

  • A total number of likes, reach, shares you got on one post or ad as provided by Facebook.

  • The number of people who engaged with your post and the performance of each ad on Facebook.

  • A total number of times the visitors have taken actions like liking, posting, commenting, or sharing your post.

  • The number of times your ad was shown, the number of people who visited your ad, and the frequency (that is the number of times the visitors have gone through your ad).


Digital marketing has become an essential part of marketing these days. You can not grow your business without it. Brands use social media as a part of digital marketing to spread awareness among the audience. Social media platform like Facebook, etc., is one of the best tools of digital marketing. Facebook marketing is an affordable way of marketing for the brands and enjoying a worldwide reach. It makes perfect sense for businesses of all types and sizes. If you are looking for Facebook marketing and branding services in Sydney, contact Evolv Design.