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Dried flowers have been all over our social media feeds and search engines recently. There is a reason why we are seeing more dried blossoms in people’s homes, offices, and weddings. Dried flowers are a terrific investment and are significantly more sustainable than fresh flowers.

When it comes to dried flowers, how long do they last?

Dried flowers can persist for years if properly cared for. Dried flowers’ longevity is determined by the conditions in which they are stored, although as a general rule, dried flowers can last for many days. They have a one-year minimum lifespan and can live up to five or six years if preserved in glycerine or dyed. Flowers will live longer if they are kept out of direct sunlight and dampness.

Fresh flowers only last a week or ten days at most, therefore dried flowers are an excellent substitute. They can look as good as or better than fresh flowers, which can cost upwards of $30 for a quality bunch. Although they are more expensive than fresh flowers, you should not have to sit there watching them wilt and worrying about changing the stinking water or trimming the stems in the hopes of prolonging their life.

Maybe you are one of those people who buy fresh flowers every week, only to watch them wilt and have to be thrown away. The price of the dollar is rising, as is the price of the gardening bin or compost.

The following are some of our best recommendations for keeping your dried flowers looking beautiful:

  • Do not irrigate!
  • Because dried flowers are delicate, handle them with care.
  • Keep away from direct sunshine, wind, and humidity.
  • The colour of dried flowers and plants will fade with time.
  • Preserved flowers and plants are another choice at RAW Sunshine Coast. They have gone through a process that turns the sap into glycerine. Preserved flowers keep their soft touch and natural color for 1-3 years.
  • Handle these lovely blooms with care, as you would dry flowers, and keep them out of direct sunshine, wind, and humidity.
  • In comparison to fresh flowers, which only last a week, dried and preserved flowers are a fantastic long-term solution, and with proper care, these beauties can last for years.

Does Mold Grow on Dried Flowers in Melbourne?

If you keep your dried flowers incorrectly, they may become moldy. They are low-maintenance, but if you do not store or display them properly, they might become moldy. We understand that you may wish to decorate your home with dried flowers in Melbourne, but we strongly advise you to keep them out of humid regions. In the heart of winter, they are areas like your bathroom or your windowsill. If you want to use dried blossoms to adorn your bathroom, keep in mind that they will ultimately grow moldy or wilt because they cannot tolerate the humidity and dampness.

Is it true that the colour of dried flowers fades?

Your dried flowers should keep their color for a long period if properly maintained in your home. To guarantee that your dried flowers last a long time, read our guide on how to care for them. The colour of the blooms will fade after a few years if they have not been tinted. Please let us know if your preserved and dried flowers are looking a little sad. We can freshen them up for you and replace any sad-looking stems with gorgeous, vibrant ones. A bouquet of preserved florals has been placed on a windowsill that receives direct sunshine for the majority of the day. We discovered that the blooms faded swiftly and practically turned into a paper-like texture. So, keep an eye on where your flowers are kept.

In general, dried blossoms are a good investment. They are a more cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers, which only last 7-10 days at best. They may cost twice as much as a bouquet of fresh flowers, but they look fantastic.

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