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Carpet water damage can occur at any moment at your home, and it can put you under stress. It could happen due to flooding, leaking pipes, heavy rain, or other factors. When the water spreads over your floor, it can certainly damage the carpet and lead to the chances of mold growth. If you find the Water Damaged Carpet in your living space, then you need to follow some steps to prevent harmful mold formation. Hesitating carpet damage can form the fungus at your house that causes a dangerous infection and disease to your family members. To ensure your beloved people’s safety, you have to avoid its build-up. Whenever you spot water damage, you must contact a professional restoration company. After that, you need to do the below things that help to avoid mold growth at your place. 

Extract The Water As Soon As Possible 

If you start to clean up the carpet after the water damage quickly, then it can help to avoid mold growth sooner. The mildew can develop within 24 hours to 48 hours. So, act immediately to extract the water present in the rug. You can run your fan at a high speed in the pointed area and it aids to evaporate the moisture. Use a dry vacuum to dry the carpet and it can effectively remove the water. You can’t completely dry the carpet without the advanced tools, but it can be done partially. 

Stop The Leakage 

After removing the water, you need to find the leak flooding source or other potential cause of unwanted water in your home. Don’t forget the water can conduct electricity that is very dangerous for you. Also, the flood water can contain unsafe bacteria that cause severe health problems and infections in the body. When a pipe has exploded, you need to turn off its main valve and quickly contact the expert local plumber. While flooding over the area, try to block it by using the sandbags, and HydraBarrier. 

Clear Out Standing Water From Home 

You can rent a wet-dry vacuum to remove the standing water in the small room of your home near the carpet. It helps to extract the water hugely around the rug, so it won’t be damaged more through the water. But you have to do this by wearing safety gear to protect you from contaminated water. Attire the safety glasses, gloves, long sleeves, boots, masks, and others. If your home has the hole to extract it, then it will be easier for you. This is a wise way to avoid mildew formation in your living space. 

Use A Dehumidifier To Dry Out The Water Damaged Carpet 

The dehumidifier helps to eliminate the excess moisture present in your home. It makes the air feel cooler, and limits the growth of mildew and mold. When using these kinds of equipment, they aid to dry out the air and increase the drying time for your damaged carpet. You can also install humidity sensors that can alert when the moisture level is very high or low. 

Contact The Professional Company  

Though you can follow the above methods, it is not easy and possible to completely extract the water damage and prevent the mildew formation. So, whenever the carpet gets damaged due to the water, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable company. They have a specialist team who have more knowledge and experience in carpet restoration. Further, they will use advanced equipment that can quickly do the restoration and aids to prevent your home from harmful fungus. Choose the one that is near your location and available for24*7 as water damage can occur at any time. 

Last Few Words 

Following the above tips can help you to prevent your Water Damaged Carpetand home from mildew growth. At Capital facility services, we provide you with a fast and expert restoration service for any water damages. We will respond to you within an hour across Melbourne and give you the complete damage assessment reporting. Our company is certified by ISO and highly preferred by most people.