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Repairing the water damage inside the walls is tricky. But what’s tougher is to identify it. You may feel the moisture on your carpets, floors, and upholstery and detect the damage, but the gaps inside the walls are hidden, and you may not spot the damage immediately. In such cases, you should hire water damage restoration specialists and let them dig deeper.

Signs of Water Damage in Walls   

Water Running Sounds

Water damage in walls can be heard as well as seen. If you can hear any water running, place your ear against the wall and listen. You are listening for water that is dripping, gushing, or running.

Dark or Wet Spots

Typically, dark marks on the walls indicate that the water is brand-new and fresh. It takes 1 to 24 hours for it to appear on the wall. It is an old stain if it is yellow, brown, white, or chalky in appearance. That does not imply that the issue has been resolved, though. The wall’s lack of visibility is the only drawback.

Your water bill went up

If your water bill starts to go up although nothing in your family’s routine has changed, there might be a water leak. The water meter, to begin with.

You should first write down the water meter’s reading. After then, leave it off for about three hours. Turn it back on after three hours and note the result. If the number rises, you should check for any of the aforementioned signs because you have an indoor plumbing leak. If you are unable to locate any, seek assistance from a specialist.

Mildew or mould

Old in a house begins as little brown or black specks. You can learn the source from an inspector. If the area is three by three, it can be cleaned. Any area larger than that requires a specialist. Moulds are tricky to detect however, any musty smell can be their sign. You can’t look for black patches inside your walls but you can always be alert to these smells.

Mould and mildew can ruin your property, internal structure and health. These spores mix into the air and cause multiple health issues. You have to detect them as soon as possible. The more you wait, the more damage they cause. So, whenever you doubt there is mould or water damage inside your walls, call professionals and understand water damage restoration importance on time.

Bubbling, flaking, and cracking

Finding an issue before it gets out of hand or becomes prohibitively expensive to address may be made possible by being aware of the symptoms of water damage in the walls. If a bigger area becomes wet, it typically spreads, leading to wall breaking. The drywall or paint will bubble or flake if the inside of the wall is damp.


A musty or damp odour is a sign that the walls have water damage. This smell is powerful and distinctive. It smells like wet cardboard or wet newspaper and is typically strongest close to the source of the leak. Additionally, you might smell it before water appears on the wall. Remember, you can’t see inside the wall, so it doesn’t necessarily indicate there is a water leak.


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