by Aria

Many homeowners dream of a swimming pool in their backyard. A great way to cool off is to take a dip in one’s pool as well as to entertain guests. Deciding on constructing Burleigh Pools Gold Coast is the path to hours of relaxation and fun in the sun.

But a pool is a costly and time-consuming investment. The question is- how will one tackle the project and find a builder for proper completion of the task? If one is new to this project, one may wonder where to start.

Selecting a builder of pools is no easy task and not a light decision to make. Any wrong decision can cost one upfront or many years in the long run. Hence it is good to make a careful choice. The following tips will help one find the best builder for one’s custom pool:

Decide on the kind of pool

All major projects start with a plan and the only mode to plan properly is to figure out the outcome. Before identifying the names of possible contractors, one must ensure that one knows the exact details of the pool of one’s dreams.

For example, if one finds time and budget as major factors, an above-ground, generic pool could be the easiest option and will require minimal external help. But if one desires an in-ground pool, one will surely need the help of professional builders.

Set the budget

After deciding on the kind of pool, it is time to set a budget. The price may be impacted by materials used, and not all builders may specialize in the kind of pool one desires. Make sure that one sets a budget, not only for the pool but also for any fencing or landscaping involved.

An above-ground pool may cost as less as $1653 and needs minimal maintenance. But when one wants to construct big in-ground pools like lap pools, costs can shoot up to nearly $60,000.

Finding a builder

After figuring out what kind of pool and the budget one can afford, it is opportune to find out the kind of contractor required. For this, one can do the following:

  • Narrow down to a list of good builders

The first step is to chalk out a list of good quality builders with whom one will like to work. This begins with knowledge of what must be asked and where one must look.

  • Get references

Learning about the personal experience of others is a good way to learn more about the company. Seek references from the company or ask around among friends, neighbours, and family about companies they have used. Assess customer satisfaction by checking with such references.

Select at least three contacts from the list of references. Ask them questions like when customers do business with the company, what kind of pool was installed, whether the personnel was courteous and helpful during the process, whether work was completed on time, how payments were handled, and whether there were any mishaps during construction.

Be wary if one is provided only with old references. Also, check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and other online rating sites. Know that there will be some complaints, but the crucial factor is how the company handled the latter. Go through online reviews and even check what the reputation of the company on social media is.

  • Verify credentials

The best place to find the right builder is to check the credentials of the pool builder. Request for the mobile phone number and physical address of the pool builder and also the name and contact details of their customer representative. Try to find out their years of experience and how many pools they installed in the past year. In case they have used sub-contractors, find out who will handle the pool building project. One must verify the certification and licensing of all persons involved in an actual building project. Whenever possible, visit the premises of their office, meet up with their personnel and sightsee the company showroom, if one is available.

Questions to ask

One will also desire to enquire about some details from the builder, which will help one narrow down one’s list to one or two options:

  • Do they undertake projects of one’s kind and size?

One of the crucial questions to enquire from a potential builder is if they handle projects of one’s type and size. In case they don’t, they can refer one to other contacts who can handle one’s needs.

One may also need to consider other aspects of their work like how many other projects they are handling currently, how long they have worked with their sub-contractors, and their former clients.

  • Are they certified?

Simply because the builder has completed a few projects in one’s locality does not imply that they are licensed to do so. If they claim that they are licensed, one can request a proof. By this, in case one runs into legal issues down the line, one can prove that the builder claimed to be certified and licensed.

  • Do they have insurance?

With regard to legal issues, one will want to find out from builders all details of any insurance policies they have for protecting oneself from potential legal battles. Especially find out if they have liability insurance and workers’ compensation facility. If they are not insured, one’s home insurance may not cover any accidents or unforeseen injuries. These might drag one into legal battles.

  • Can they gain proper permits?

In case one lives in a locality where it is essential to get local permits prior to starting any construction work, one must ensure that the pool builder will obtain the same for one’s project. Note that one may be fined if one fails to do the needy.

  • Do they provide a warranty?

One might have secured a warranty for one’s pool, but it is equally crucial to get a warranty for the workmanship of the builder. In case one does not, one may have to bear the costs of any mistakes committed by the builder, which manifest down the line.

In sum, one may desire that a swimming pool will serve as a backyard oasis for one’s home. For making this dream a reality, one has to seek the help of the best builders of Burleigh Pools Gold CoastBegin the project with the above tips, and one will be all set for a journey of relaxation and fun.