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We are probably correct if we affirm that the foremost popular and desired material for the floors of the home is, indeed, wood. Who wouldn’t wish to possess an impressive solid parquet in one in every of those beautiful natural woods? Unfortunately, it’s a luxury that’s not within the reach of all pockets and, to top it off, the wood is so fragile that it sometimes doesn’t complete the repairs and care it needs. The imitation wooden floors that are manufactured today are a wonderful alternative, and even better than real wood both in terms of price and resistance. These are your best options:

Laminate flooring

An excellent alternative to traditional parquet whose main advantage is that they need much greater resistance than natural wood. These are pavements that will encompass multiple layers of various materials, natural or artificial. The last layers include a high-resolution print of a true wood image and an embossed surface mimicking the feel of wood. These styles of details make it difficult to differentiate these floors from real wood, while their economic price and high resistance make them one in all the foremost desirable imitation wood flooring.

Ceramic parquet or porcelain stoneware imitation wood
In recent years, ceramic materials have surprised us with their versatility and this particular bet continues to realize strength. These are tiles that imitate wood and, therefore, provide the identical homely aesthetic as this material. However, the resistant and waterproof properties of porcelain materials make this floor a more robust choice and, above all, cheaper than natural wood itself for the ground of your kitchen or your bathroom, as an example. additionally, it’s the right option if you’re thinking of putting it outdoors.

Wood-effect vinyl flooring

The vinyl floors have always been experts’ imitations and, needless to say, also are an honest choice as flooring imitation wood. The new lines of synthetic wood-effect flooring are manufactured in slats and may even be laid with an identical system because of the laminate flooring. The prime quality of its imitations makes it hard to tell apart it from a true wood floor, at the indenting thecal time (and this is often perhaps its main advantage over ceramic parquet) that it preserves the heat to the touch that so characterizes wood.

As you’ll be able to see, the choices you have got for imitation wooden floors are many. it’ll never be identical to a truly wooden floor, but if even a number of these options can exceed the first product in price and performance, why not give them a try?


According to The Heaven World, wood flooring has come a long way since its beginnings, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the best wood floors and their cheaper alternatives.

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