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What is KissAnime? What is it? Among anime enthusiasts, KissAnime is highly popular.

A lot of anime videos may be found and streamed in different genres. In 2012, the official KissAnime was created for free downloading and streaming of Anime videos.

The firm has registered, after being banned from domain, to operate in the same fashion.However, on 14 August 2020, nearly eight years after the site was fully shut down, the whole site data was deleted.

The website of Kiss Anime saved millions of animated videos. The audience here is also from all around the world. For several excellent reasons, it is famous.

Most iconic triangles of love

Love triangles are the cornerstones of nearly every medium of history in the globe. In many anime series, they are there and they are the finest.

A triangle of love is when two characters perceive the third character as a prospective interest in love. Most often, but not always, the protagonist finds a way into this position. There’s still sometimes a triangle of love in a series.

School Rumble: 

Secondary school is a fertile ground for triangles of love. Sometimes it originates with the romantic comedy school Rumble, a couple of folks like Kenji Harima or Tenma Tsukamoto. You cannot acknowledge it when you genuinely love one another.

Then a new element is added, namely Ouji Karasuma, as they advance to the following school year. Ouji is as straight as it comes when Kenji is a delinquent. Nevertheless, Tenma finds something really beautiful. He also has a problem, though, which makes his actual intentions apparent.

Honey And Clover: 

Sometimes a triangle of love becomes a place of love. This is when a fourth person begins to feel that the duo is drawing on the individual. It generates even more confusion, albeit it is symmetrical.

In Honey and Clover, such is the case. The Yuuta Takemoto Falls for a couple of art college students, Shinobu Morita and Yuuta Takemoto. In addition to the love triangle, there are two other problems. First, the roommates are Shinobu and Yuut. Second, Ayumi, her buddy, starts dropping in on one of the young people.


This may look like a stretch, but it looked like something was happening between Keith, Lance and Princess Allura in the early seasons of Netflix’s Voltron. It wasn’t as obvious as any other triangles of love, though. While Lance impressed Allura, the relationship between her and Keith was more muted.

In season eight of the series, the triangle was shattered. Allura ultimately succeeds Lance and begins a romance with him. That’s good news in the end. During this phase, the rather untimely Lance is more loving and protective.

Ef – A Tale Of Memories: 

One childhood friend’s passion for another tends to be a major component of the love triangle. The latter don’t understand that the first person is enthralled with them. This is what Ef: A Tale of Memories is about.

Kei Shindou and Hiro Hirono are children’s buddies. Hiro lets Miyako use his bike on Christmas Eve to thwart a carry-bag robber. The young guy takes the little girl to his house when he sees the damaged bike and Miyako is comatose. This is when a relationship begins to flourish and the envy of Kei develops.

Golden Time: 

Amnesia for Banri Tada is good news and bad news. The bad news is that he forgets all about his past existence. The good news is that he can begin again. He achieves this by studying law.

Nana Hayashida, one of his other students, started falling for him. But Kouko Kaga: A former childhood buddy and romantic partner, is starting to gel as the life of Banri begins, in stages Although he feels that suppressed sentiments come back, Banri doesn’t know whether or not they’re true.

White Album 2: 

This triangle of love begins as chaotic as it began. First, before Kazusa Touma gets the opportunity to tell him their sentiments, Setsuna Ogiso asks Haruki Kitahara to live.

Haruki also takes an interest in Kazusa, but Setsuna starts to date since Kazusa never admits her affections. As each member of the Light Music Club becomes involved, the actual drama between the three is seen as the plot of the anime unfolding, which makes the anime one of the best-written love triangles.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: 

Neon Genesis Evangelion is not so well recognised as a romantic animator. Instead, it is known as one of fans’ most lauded (if not greatest) psychological mecha animus.

While most of them are aware of Asuka’s tsundere and their conflicted sentiments with Shinji, some fans believe that his dynamic with Rei shows their devotion. However, she doesn’t know what to do or comprehend. Whatever side supporters are on, a love triangle for many may certainly be regarded.


Every Re: Zero fans should be aware of the phrase “I adore Emilia.” Despite Subaru telling Rem this, it doesn’t hurt anything less for good cause. The love triangle of Emilia, Subaru and Rem might last for a long time, because Subaru has just a passionate look to Emilia.

Even if fans want Rem to be committed to her, the love triangle might yet remain a lengthy one-way streak until the light novel finishes, since Rem and Emilia are highly received.

Yona Of The Dawn: 

This triangle of love is difficult because Yona loves her babe Su-Won. That was until she discovered she killed her dad and launched her kingdom a coup d’état.

Hak Son, on the other hand, is her other childhood buddy and protector, who also loved her. He only saw him as she was in Su-affection. It is obvious that Yona of the Dawn was headed for this triangle of Love.

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