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Even if the water plumbing system at home is working fine now, you may still consider checking out the water main plumbing area at your place. The main water line carries the water through pipes and dumps it into your basement reservoir. Looking after the main water pipeline is highly advised. It plays a vital role in fetching water from the municipality.

In this article, we will help you understand some crucial aspects of the water mains line. We believe this descriptive guide will be of use in the future if any plumbing-related problems show up.

Understanding The Water Mains Line In Your Home

The water main plumbing line is usually done by checking the water flowing through the municipal pipes to your water mains line. The water is deposited in your main water reservoir. Your water meter is the instrument attached to the water mainline. With this meter, the water bill is calculated to pay each month depending on how much municipality water you use.

You may not be aware that the main water line generally has an outlet to your water reservoir. From this reservoir, all other plumbing and piping systems to your house originate from water connections to all parts of the house such as your kitchen, bathroom, garden, etc.

How Does The Water Mains Line Operate?

Generally, there is a water shutoff valve attached to the water main plumbing system.  If you need emergency assistance in plumbing and piping systems in your house, firstly, ensure that the water shutoff valve is activated.

This makes sure you restrict yourself from excess use of water. In need, you can also hire any plumber to check out the water shutoff valve. The hired person will also ensure that the water shutoff valve is in proper working condition and does not malfunction when in need.

As a result, you should hire a plumber every few years to maintain the water main plumbing line and check on your water shutoff valve.

Can The Water Shutoff Valve Malfunction?

Like any other malfunction in the plumbing system in your house, the water shutoff valve may seem to malfunction at times. This can be due to the age of the water shutoff valve or other clogs that may have happened internally in the valve. If unnoticed, this issue can prevent it from shutting off or allowing it to open up.

Suppose you have not undergone any checking in your water main plumbing or water shutoff valve. Then you run the risk of excess water waste during a pipe leak. You will have unprevented water flow as the water shutoff valve has simply ceased its operation.

Can Clogs Happen In Your Water Main Plumbing Line?

Yes, water main plumbing lines can even result in clogging. This generally does not happen overnight but gradually occurs over the years due to mineral deposits or unwanted particulate matter and substances blocking off the water mains line.

When this happens, expect to run through severe water shortage and sudden water inflow stoppage to your water reservoir. To prevent such unpleasant scenarios, it is advised to hire a plumber and check your water main plumbing line.


To ensure that your water main plumbing line is working, hiring a plumber can be a good option to go with. The experts, in this case, can help you undergo detailed maintenance and check to prevent leakage from the water main, clogging areas.

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