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Lion is very popular amongst all other animals and dangerous. It is a king of the forest. So many people have very bad experience because of lion attack. Lion is a king of beasts. Lions are active during night and prefer to live in a grassland. Mostly they found in Asia, Europe and Africa.

  • Characteristics

The lion is a well-muscled cat with a large head, long body, and short legs. The male’s characteristic is his mane, which varies between different populations and individuals. In some lions the fringe and mane are dark like almost black. Mane is playing important role on lion body it makes males larger. A size of lions is almost 6-7 feet long and the weight of 170-230kg. Female or lionesses are smaller as compare to male lion 5-6 feet and 120-150kg weight.

  • Family

Lions are very unique amongst other cats they mostly preferred to live in a group or pride. The members of a pride usually spend time in a small group and do the hunting in group. Most of the pride contains several numbers of generations in it. Each and every pride defined their own territory. Hunting skills of lioness is far better than male.

  • Food

Lion hunts large variety of animal of different size from baboons to buffalo and hippopotamuses. Sometime lions are successful to have meal like elephant and giraffes when they are sick or young. Lionesses most of the time do the hunting for the family. Male lions hunt frequently in some specific areas. Males secure their own food. Because they do hunting in a group rare chance of they not get the food. An adult male can consume near about 35 kg in a single meal. Male and female spend their time sleeping and resting.

  • Life Cycle

Females are restricted to one or two adult males of their pride. Lion breed more than once in a year. Most of newborn are blind and weak, they usually follow their mother. They start hunting at the age of 11 month but mostly after 2 years they will survive on their own. Female cube like spend time in a pride. Females are successful to protect younger cube. Average age is 25 years may they live.

  • Areas

Lions are found in all of North America, India and Africa. As per studies the lion evolved in Africa, expanding into a number of subspecies. North America has Barbary lion. Europe has cave lion. North and Central America has the American lion. Asiatic Lion found in Middle East and India. In India, there is a Gir Nation Park for lion safety. Lions are disappeared after 90s very rapidly. Government of India taking action against those activity.