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Do you wish to stop receding gums? Of course, you can speak with the best Epping Dentist and get dental service quickly. When gum moves away, it pulls over the teeth top and exposes sensitive parts.

It also causes negative aesthetic implications, sensitivity, and other problems. If you are hassle about the issue, you must meet the best dentists in your area and know more about the problem.

  • They explain how problems happen and how to solve them.
  • People focus on promising treatments to repair gum problems and enhance gum health.
  • Patients make the right decision about dental treatment and care for gum issues based on details.
  • You must know gum recession symptoms teeth appear longer, improved sensitivity, and pocket on the gum line.
  • The problem happens due to forceful brushing, gum disease, teeth grinding, or injury.

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How to prevent the problem:

Treatment can prefer based on the underlying cause. You can choose a well-known expert who handles the procedure effortlessly. With the help of a Dentist Epping Nswyou can understand treatment options to restore gum safely.

Pinhole surgical technique:

It is an innovative treatment for solving gum receding. During surgery, professionals make a tiny hole in gum tissue above the uncovered teeth root. The technique is effective in separating gum from teeth roots. A dentist uses an ideal tool to separate gum. It is easy to stretch and reposition over exposed tooth roots.

Gum graft surgery:

It is also a popular surgical technique to discontinue gum recession and bone loss. Surgery safeguards people from the existing exposed root from decay. Different forms of gum grafts are available in the market today. Expert’s help you select the ideal one based on damage extend and needs.

It is completely pain-free and lifted away to expose and clean teeth roots. You can avail of different forms of gum grafts like

  • Allograft
  • Free gingival graft
  • Connective tissue graft
  • Pedicle grafts

Varnishes and bonding agents:

Varnishes and bonding agents help minimize exposed tooth root sensitivity. An agent is suitable for overcoming nerve symptoms and enhancing oral hygiene. People make brushing sensitive teeth easier when utilizing such an agent.

Composite or porcelain:

It is the most popular component to fix gum recedes. The dentist selects composite or porcelain fit gum color and fills the gap between teeth and gum. The main role of composite or porcelain is to fix the gap and gives an ideal look to teeth and gum.

Composite restoration:

Tooth colored composite resin is suitable to envelop the exposed root surface. It is good practice to seal the gap between gum and teeth.

Gum veneers:

It is a good choice for a patient with large areas of gum tissue missing. Gum veneer provides great support to the patient to safeguard damaged gum. It is available with materials like silicone and acrylic.

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Orthodontics is another method to prevent gum recession. Experts perform different procedures to position gum tissue back to the tooth when solving such an issue. They slowly correct the gum margin and keep teeth in a perfect place. Dentists recommend the best orthodontic product to manage gum recession and prevent damage. Patients must follow the dentist’s advice to use the orthodontic product and overcome the problem.

Root planning and scaling:

Root planning and scaling is the primary treatment for gum issues. Dentists often suggest them for a good result. It requires deep cleaning of the overall teeth. During root planning and scaling, experts use an ideal solution to remove tartar and plaque buildup in teeth that cause severe damage to the gum.

People rely on the skilled and experienced epping dentist to remove everything from below the gum line. The root can smooth with ideal equipment and tool and perfectly reattach the tooth and gum.

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