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Safety pads are essential if you run a fitness centre or any other sporting facility. It is also essential to ensure the safety of the customers. However, you can’t just have any safety pad. Depending on the type and amount of activity at your facility, you may need to have dedicated sports padding that can handle the impact.

Facilities That Require Custom Padding

Different facilities may need different types of padding based on the amount of impact and the risks involved. Here’s a list of sports centres that have to take their safety padding quite seriously.

Martial Arts Centres: Almost all martial arts styles involve punching, kicking, and throwing techniques that have to be done safely to avoid injuries. Martial arts centres must have high-quality crash mats, wall padding, and interlocking mats for the floor.

Parkour, Climbing, and Bouldering: If you do parkour, climbing, or bouldering, you already realize that falling is the first part of the process. You fall plenty of times while attempting new manoeuvres. That’s why facilities offering parkour, climbing, or bouldering activities need to have thick padding that can provide safety to athletes falling from significant heights.

Gymnastics: Gymnasts have to practice their moves several times to achieve the level of perfection that they display in competitions. They have to perfect complicated manoeuvres and land on their feet from great heights. That’s why safety has to be the topmost priority for gymnasiums. A quality gymnastics centre must have the best-quality landing mats, crash mats, foam pits, and gymnastics mats in the right place.

Play Centres: Play centres give prime importance to safety padding. Kids love to play, and when they play, they fall. That’s why parents usually choose play centres that offer maximum safety for children. For kids to love your play centre and for parents to trust your business, you must have professional padding solutions to ensure safety.

Trampoline Centres: Trampolines are fun, but there is a risk of serious injury because it’s easy to miscalculate a jump and fall out of the trampoline accidentally. That’s why trampoline centres have to place highly shock-absorbing crash pads and foam pits in the right places to ensure the safety of the users.

Other physical sports like basketball, netting, football, etc., also need padding for posts, walls, and beams to keep the athletes safe if they accidentally crash into them.

How to Get Quality Padding?

To get the right padding for your sports centre, you need to make sure that you get pads from the right service provider. Certain sports require pads with thicknesses and densities that comply with CFH (Critical Fall Height) and HIC (Head Impact Criteria).

Therefore, you must make sure that the service provider you choose offers safety pads of required standards.

The best professional service providers offer a wide range of solutions. They have the best equipment and the most qualified staff who can handle your requirements with quality and attention to detail. It is recommended that you choose a service provider who has years of experience and the widest range of services. When you choose a service provider who offers a wide range of padding solutions, you can rely on the same service provider for all your future padding requirements.

Professionals Can Also Design Your Sports Centre

Apart from sourcing padding, you can also get professional service providers to design your sports centre. When you contact a reliable service provider, they will arrange a meeting with you, after which a specialist will analyse your facility. The experts will then develop a design plan for you. Once you come to an agreement, they will manufacture and install the padding to the agreed areas to ensure maximum safety at your sports centre. For most fitness and sports centres, this is the best solution for optimum safety.

The best choice is to hire professionals and let them design your sports centre for complete and assured safety.


Getting your safety padding from experts who understand the specifications and requirements for different types of sports facilities is the best choice you can make. It reflects how deeply you value the safety of the athletes. When the athletes and users feel safe at your facility, you’ll have more satisfied customers, and the business will progress faster.

Give top priority to safety and design your sports centre accordingly, with the help of qualified professionals and top-quality sports padding.