by Angela Smith

Whether you own a business or enjoy a superior position at one of many established organizations, office name plates for desk are as vital to your personality as is your wardrobe. Not only are they a great resource for brand awareness but they are also a motivating way to encourage the morale and confidence of the employees. Having a plaque with your name and position on it along with your company’s logo bring a sense of accomplishment that drives most employees to work with extra passion.

However, personalized name plates for office desk do more than just reflecting your name and job title or boost employee confidence. But, before discussing the various benefits of a name plate, it is important to know what an ideal nameplate should consist of.

What are the details a name plate must have?
Most companies prefer to keep it simple by mentioning employee name, but it isn’t efficient. A proper desk name plate must have the following:

  • Complete name with Salutation (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr.)
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Company Logo

It is important office name plates for desk aren’t too fancy. They must look professional and they must reflect the company’s true brand values.

What is the appropriate place to put an office name plaque?
Just like you put your residential name plate at home in a place that is visible for everyone, it is important to consider the place that you place an office name plaque. Depending on the type of office you have, you can put a name plaque at:

  • At the desk
  • On the door/wall that leads to your office or the employee’s office that the plaque is meant for
  • On your wall or on the wall outside your employee’s cubicle

Why do you need a personalized name plates for office desk?
Most people may thing an office name plate for desk just looks fancy and authoritative, but there are more reasons to have them. To begin with, if you have hired a new employee, they may already feel nervous about their first day at work. Seeing their name on a plaque assures that you are willing to invest your time and energy on them.

Secondly, if every staff at your workplace has a dedicated nameplate, then every new joiner or visiting client is more certain about who to contact regarding their concern, instead of asking people for directions.

Third, if every employee has a uniformed nameplate, it reflects a feeling of subordination and fluency in the work environment. Because every name plate looks the same, the staff feels more like family than having a feeling of unhealthy competition.

Last but not the least, an efficient name plaque offers clear navigation through your workplace. New clients or visitors are able to follow the departmental and individual name plaques and go from one person to another without feeling lost.

While many business owners may feel name plates are an extra expenditure, above-mentioned features explain why they are necessary for every business.