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Millions of women wake up hours before work every day, just to have their makeup done in time. Wouldn’t it be nice, to wake up with full brows and peachy lips and just go outside right away, skipping that mundane beauty ritual? Lucky you, girl! Modern technology gave us some renewed, perfected methods of correcting anything we want on our faces with tattoos. It serves as a permanent, and if done professionally, it will look like your natural facial feature. You probably already heard about what microblading does to improve your eyebrows. Here we will explore some of the cosmetic treatments in form of permanent tattoos, and figure out if you’re just the right customer for it.

What is microblading exactly?

This is a technique of using really thin blades to “implant” individual eyebrow hairs. Basically, an expert tattoo artist presses pigment into hairlike cuts to simulate the look of a bunch of individual hairs. This makes your eyebrows appear fuller and thicker. Maybe getting an eyebrow tattoo doesn’t sound trashy after all? If you’re not satisfied with the look of your natural eyebrows, this may be just the right solution. However, this ‘permanent’ makeup is not really, well, permanent. To maintain this new look you will need to visit your tattoo artist every 12-18 months for a follow-up treatment. The only problem might occur if you’re allergic to the anesthetic or the pigment used in the treatment. Also, the tattoo artist might turn you away if you have particularly greasy skin.

No pain, no gain

This one is for the ladies that idolise red, luscious lips. If the gods didn’t bless you with lips naturally looking like that, you’re probably inseparable from your lipstick. But not anymore. Well, at least if you can tolerate pain very well. Lip blushing, or else known as lip tinting, is a procedure where the colour is spread across the lip. This can be very painful because our lips have a lot of nerve endings. The good news is that there are solutions to reduce the pain during the procedure. One of the ways is by application of numbing cream which disables the nerves responsible for the pain.  Another important thing to know is that the skin on the lips doesn’t retain the colour as good as the rest. This means you will have to redo it several times, yikes! Another big dealbreaker could be the fact that the red paint used here is much more likely to cause an allergic reaction. If you then try to remove it with laser treatment, the red pigment will turn black. If all this is not enough to deter you from getting a lip tattoo, you will have perfect lipstick always. And it won’t get smudged from eating or kissing!

The most durable eyeliner

Let’s assume you’re tired of trying to draw matching eyeliners on both sides. Or maybe, you tried out loads of eyeliners and they end up flaking, or you just don’t like how they look on you. The best solution would be getting permanent, tattoed eyeliner, drawn out by a professional. There are two types of these. The first one is traditional, which places the line just above the lashes. The second one is the lash enhancement, which sits right between the lashes. Both of them serve to give you picture-perfect eyelash makeup while sleeping or exercising, just like on TV. To make sure it would be done correctly, search for experienced makeup artists like those at Lash Blossom. If you find an artist that has a reputation for fixing other artists’ mistakes, you’ll know he’s good. But remember, this also requires follow-up treatments.


Hiding scars in plain sight with some well-done makeup is an old and noble idea. It is derived from the need to cover, for example, mastectomy scars or stretch marks. This can help ladies regain self-esteem and avoid having hurtful comments directed toward them. From now on, scars caused by acne or some other incident can be a thing of the past. A skilled makeup technician will blend a pigment that matches the candidate’s skin. The pigment will be inserted into the skin, not much deeper than the surface layer of the skin. It will take a couple of sessions to really make it work. The technician will have to estimate if you are fit for this procedure. Scars that are darker than the skin usually can’t be covered this way. Additionally, people who scar easily and have a tendency to keloid are not good candidates. Tattoo covers work best on lighter scars. With this procedure, and with every other one in this article, comes a risk of infection. It’s important to follow the proper aftercare. It includes keeping the wound dry and staying out of the sun for 10 days. Your technician should also use single-use tools opened in front of you.

Who are the unlucky ones?

Now it’s a good time to mention which conditions make people unfit for getting permanent tattoos. First, there are those with allergies and keloid problems, as mentioned above. Second, there are people who are on blood thinners or have inherited blood clotting problems. Furthermore, there are people who have diabetes or immunodeficiency. All these conditions would make bleeding severe, slow down the regeneration process, and increase the chance of infection. Not only that, the infection would be life-threatening and much more difficult to cure. Tattoo artists are also likely to turn down pregnant women. Hormonal changes happening during pregnancy can interfere with the healing process too. If you happen to fall into any of these categories, you will have to stick with regular makeup.

These permanent cosmetic tattoos can cost anywhere from 400 dollars to above thousand dollars, depending on the type of procedure. That’s why you’ll probably want them done perfectly well from the first try. Do thorough research on the internet and ask around to hear other people’s experiences. Although tattoos fade and flake over time, you will have to wait for months or even years for them to disappear. Laser removal is not advised, as it can actually damage the skin. Instead, you can accelerate the fading process by swimming in the sea or sweating during exercise. Some exfoliants can help too. If you are truly desperate, a technician can inject a saline solution into the tattoo, which helps eliminate the pigment.