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When was the last time you attended a party or an event? Were you aware of its theme? If you want to organise an occasion at the shisha bar, you should take the help of the shisha catering service. Make other arrangements for food, music, entertainment, and alcoholic beverages for guests.

These elements go hand in hand with which you celebrate a birthday party, wedding anniversary, or social function. They are worth exploring to make the event exciting and successful. Make all arrangements and start listing the things you need to do.

As part of experimentation, you need to head to one of the unique shisha bars in Melbourne. The ambiance at the hookah parlour reminds you of the time well spent with the event memorable. You will be surprised by several events at the bar.

In other words, the occasion will be valuable where you spent time with close companions and friends. A list of things you need to do when it comes to shisha catering.

Some things you need to do for hookah catering are

  1. Attend an event

To start with, you have to be present in the shisha bar itself. You could be attending a social occasion with your friend. You learn the way of organizing the event. What will amaze you, are the different hookahs kept in the center of several tables. They are the center of attraction as caterers at the event use premium hookahs with coloured vases. Besides, you will be amazed to see LED light stands or neon lighting of different colours.

  1. Caterers display unique skills

In a way, it is shisha caterers who display unique skills. Each of them creates different bowls consisting of fruit flavours comprising apple, grapefruit, pineapple, etc. They look extraordinary and fantastic, and at the same time, you can add different Shisha flavours to the shisha mix. It is an action-packed weekend as you are the host of the function.

  1. Great conversation

It is a perfect occasion to plan a get-together. The more you share shisha with others, the more you engage in a lighthearted conversation.

  1. What if guests don’t prefer hookah?

Some guests haven’t smoked cigarettes and will not prefer hookah. For such individuals, the catering service ensures that they opt for herbal teabacco, Heaven Leaf. The teabacco consists of zero nicotine and 100% natural black tea leaves. The herbal flavour makes them enjoy the session and the party and gives the same feeling as those smoking shishas.

Why use herbal flavors?

  • The herbal ones do not contain chemicals or additives. It will not have an impact on the lungs as compared to traditional smokers.
  • You will breathe a natural aroma that is free from any harmful substances.
  • Tobacco smokers lose smelling sensation after continuing to smoke for years. It is due to the toxins that form in nasal passages. Herbal smokers do not have such issues. The stimulating effect does not interfere you are your senses.

What all is part of shisha catering service?

Everyone will like to know what does the catering service includes –the service comprises premium hookah pipes, 30 shisha flavors of Heaven Leaf, customised shisha cocktails, refill pipes, bowls or coals, hookah vases, etc.

Other benefits you receive:

Most guests prefer to smoke shisha, whereas others enjoy the occasion by sipping alcoholic beverages such as wine. The catering service also includes serving guests alcoholic beverages. It is a perfect time to rejoice with the ambiance soothing for individuals to smoke, sip, dine and dance.

If you want to know more about planning the event, you should be present to catch all the action at one of the popular shisha bars in Melbourne, Smokey The Sheesha Lounge.