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There a lot of talks everywhere about the methods that should be adopted to conserve energy. The problem clearly does not lie there, the problem develops when people are waiting for others to do something to bring big change but underestimate the power of self in creating the change themselves. We are at a point of time where mother nature is being bruised every day and despite all the campaigns and awareness still very little is being done to control the continuous damage that the environment is undertaking. By making a small change and taking the appropriate steps one can significantly contribute to doing their bit in keeping the environment clean and safe. Let’s have a look at some of the points which are easy to apply and are sure to bring big differences.

Reduce – Reduce is a very big factor. This means to keep a check on the number of natural resources, energy and other sources that influence the mother nature. Wise and judicious use of several resources not just ensures their long life and availability but also cuts down on creating pollution tremendously. Some easy steps that can be followed by one and all are

– Always make sure that you are turning off the electrical it’s when they are not being used.

– Unplug devices when your phones or other equipment have been charged.

– Adjust the temperature setting in your house in a way that it does not exhaust your system.

– Switch on the LED lights in as many places as possible.

Reuse- again a very crucial factor, to reuse commodities is a great way to control the damage of mother nature, this can be achieved by the use of some easy and simple steps.

– Instead of throwing away a plastic bottle, reuse them or better still replace them with the glass or steel bottles that can be reused thousands of times.

– Instead of using polythene bags, switch on to jute or cotton bags that can be sued for multiple purposes and that too many times.

– Believe it or not, all of us have at one pint of time or another thrown batteries and cells and replaced them with new ones. This is a serious health hazard that can be cured by using rechargeable batteries. Not only do you save on your money but you also do your bit in taking care of the environment.

– Do not throw away your used goods into the trash but use them in creative ways to use them again or pass them on to someone who can use them.

Recycle – recycling is one of the best and the most effective ways to put the right use to an object. The entire process of turning something old into something new and stable is recycling and by all means, is one of the best processes to safeguard mother nature. Some good ways to recycle are

– Buy reusable products in the market

– Make maximum use of paper and cotton products.

– Do not throw away your plastic bottles and cans but find creative ways to use them around your space.

– Recycle your clothes, furnishings and towels.

The effective applications of reuse, recycle and reduce is very important if one wants us to save the environment and pave the path for a better future for the coming generations. Don’t wait forever and start doing your bit today.