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30-Second Summary

  1. Sexual health is as essential for older adults as for any age, and fulfilling sexual desires is not only restricted to a certain age.
  2. Your overall health has a significant impact on your sexual health as you grow older.
  3. It’s normal for women and men to experience changes in their sexual health as they grow older due to changes in their bodies.
  4. Sexual health is crucial in older adults to help them remain happy, healthy, active, and relaxed.
  5. Senior sexual health may help improve by letting go of the taboos and following the right path to a happy sexual life.


Why is it that people often speak about health issues quite openly, but when it comes to senior sexual health, people tend to desexualize when it comes to a certain age? Since sexuality is not only limited to reproductivity, people naturally want intimacy and need their desires to be fulfilled as they grow older. Sex is one of the ways to calm your mind and body.

Neglecting sexual health can lead to negative impacts on overall health, especially when some health professionals aren’t able to openly talk about sexual health with older people. In this article, we’ll be discussing all the senior sexual health taboos, along with reality checks and what needs to be done.

Your Health (Not Age) Affects Sexuality

Sexuality for males and females does not stop at any specific age. We’re all sexual creatures by nature, and there’s no specific rule that defines that sexuality stops when you reach a particular age. Then how does their sexual health change over time? ‘Health’ is the major factor that impacts sexuality in men and women. As people grow older, they do not focus on their health and ultimately fall for specific health conditions, physically or mentally. Some people start taking medications which seem is a hurdle between their intimacy and desires to enjoy sex.

Mental sickness also affects sexuality as adults are normally neglected with proper sexual healthcare and guidance. The menopause-cycle-of-rebirth can give women an impression that their youth is over. Therefore, they feel less excited about sexual life.

Why Is Sexual Health Important In Older Adults?

A happy sexual life can leave you out of numerous worries, even if you’re an older adult. You might notice most older adults are cranky. That’s because they have poor sexual health. Sexual health is essential as we grow older. It enhances the relationship with our partners as we get a sense of realization of their existence and emotional attachment towards us. When you have sex, your body releases certain hormones that work to reduce stress so that you feel more relaxed.

There are several ways to calm your mind and body, and sex is one of them. You may not realize that regularly having sex may reduce the risks of high cholesterol in the body and improve other medical health conditions like blood pressure. Your sexual life affects your overall health and vice versa. Our bodies change as we grow older; therefore, we need to keep them in a fit and healthy shape to lead a healthy sexual life.

What Are The Sexual Changes In Adult Men And Women? 

We see our bodies change as we grow older – our features, our body parts, everything changes beautifully. Growth of the body never stops for men and women, whether it’s internal change or external.

Sexual Changes In Women

Women face significant sexual changes in their bodies. They start experiencing menopause usually after the age of 50. This period is a bit tough for them when it comes to their sexual health because they experience:

  1. Lack of sexual desires
  2. Changes in their vagina that make it difficult for them to arouse
  3. Massive hair loss
  4. Mood swings
  5. Mental sickness
  6. Weight gain

These conditions make them uncomfortable during sex, resulting in bad sexual health. However, women don’t always need to feel that way. Exercising during menopause can prevent these negative impacts on their bodies.

Women can enjoy having sex even as older adults by using certain supplements and teas and following a specific diet. Menoslim Tea claims to help detox women experiencing menopause, and it helps them with weight loss and reduces bloating.

Sexual Changes In Men

Erectile dysfunction is common in men when they grow older than 50. They may face difficulties achieving and maintaining an erection for a longer time. Prostate cancer is a possibility in men, for which they require special treatment that can result in substantial side effects. They may face a low libido after that.

How Intimacy Changes With Age 

Both men and women may feel less intimate due to their health conditions and changes in the body. Women may notice difficulties in arousing since their vagina feels drier due to changes in shape. They may eventually lose interest if they don’t take proper measures. Exercising during menopause can help them prevent weight gain and reduce the risks of breast cancer and other medical conditions. It can further enhance their sexual desires. Men can also become more intimate by taking care of their overall health. They should work out, and following a healthy diet can help them maintain their health. Regular sex further improves their sexual health and is vitally important.

Why It’s Time to Drop the Taboos

You’ll never enjoy your life to the fullest if you keep believing in the taboos. It’s time to drop the taboos and live a happy sexual elderly life. You must understand the facts so that you know how to prevent a lack of sexuality. Changes in your body are normal, and it’s common to undergo low sexual desires sometimes. Consult your partner or your doctor if you feel this way. For women, do not let your menopause-cycle-of-rebirth stop you from fulfilling your sexual desires with your partner. Your sexual changes come from changes in your lifestyle that affect your overall health, so make sure to follow a fit and healthy lifestyle.

It’s crucial to converse with your partner for both men and women. Get a consultation if necessary. Following a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, using special drinks like Menoslim Tea (for women), and engaging in activities can help you build a healthy sexual life.

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