by Thomas Jain

Dentistry as a whole is about more than just teeth; it covers oral health. However, people find it difficult to go to dentists because they fear the pain and hassle behind it.

There are new branches of dentistry that make cleaning teeth painless. For example, dentists who specialise in sedation dentistry in Melbourne keep their patients comfortable in an appointment.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the science of mildly sedating a patient so that the patient does not feel the pain of a dental procedure. The teeth have a lot of sensitive nerves that activate our pain points during or after a procedure.

Sedation dentistry in Melbourne has been gaining ground because people prefer to sail through a painless procedure.

Under sedation dentistry, dentists lightly sedate the patients so that they feel minimal pain or anxiety during the procedure.

However, one should always go for sedation dental procedures under the supervision of a trained dentist.

What are the different types of Sedation Dentistry?

Dentists have various types of sedation dentistry in practice today. You can find the following types of sedation under sedation dentistry in Melbourne.

• Inhaled Minimal Sedation

Inhaled Minimal sedation is administered by a trained dentist through a gas mask. The dentist administers nitrous oxide and oxygen, which lightly sedates the patient and makes him comfortable.

The effect of this inhaled sedation is very temporary. It is safe because a person can drive home after the procedure without any side effects observed.

• Oral sedation

Under oral sedation dentistry, the dentist administers a sedative pill of minimal strength or moderate strength.

If the pill is of minimal strength, the patient becomes drowsy but is still awake to some extent.

Secondly, if the pill is of moderate quantity, the patient feels groggy. The sedation level is pretty average, and the patient needs to wait till the effect wears off. Oral sedation is the most prevalent sedation given in sedation dentistry.

• IV sedation

The methods of sedation take time to show effect. For example, oral sedation takes about an hour to come into full effect on the patient. However, the procedure of IV sedation is fast because it acts through veins.

The sedative infuses into the blood and acts fast. The dentists carefully control the level of sedation and the concentration of the sedative administered.

• Deep Sedation

Deep sedation or sedative substances that make the patient fully asleep are the ones administered during a major dental procedure.

Deep sedation puts the patient to sleep, and he cannot feel anything for the period. Dentists prefer deep sedation dentistry in certain cases.


In this article, we find that dentists practise sedation dentistry in Melbourne in various forms. Sedation dentistry is fully safe when a highly qualified sedation dentist does it for you.

Sedation is safe if done in moderate quantity. It is safe because the dentist can control the level of sedation through alteration of the sedative concentration administered to the patient. Sedation dentistry is also called sleep dentistry in general terms.

There are many practitioners who practice sedation dentistry in Melbourne safely. Therefore, if you are afraid of going to a regular dentist, think about going to a sedation dentist instead.

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