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A switch to solar energy is a first step for the betterment of the environment as well as unlocking long-term energy saving opportunities. Due to immense solar-associated benefits, innumerable people are installing solar systems on their property. Additionally, many solar installation companies are coming up to meet this rising requirement and make revenue.

Here, when a homeowner looks for a reliable solar company online, the options they get for the simple keyword ‘best solar company’ can overwhelm them deeply. Here, choosing the best one can be a big challenge.

Whether you are planning for solar installation in a couple of days or just exploring the options to make your green switch smoother and faster, this post will help you pick the right partner for your solar needs.

In this post, we have rounded up some important tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing a solar company. Plus, you will learn common mistakes that you need to avoid when partnering with a solar provider. This will ensure that your solar project is seamless, easy, and worthwhile.

Let’s dive in!

08 Important Aspects To Consider Before Partnering With a Solar Company

Solar Company

Solar energy is becoming an eco-friendly method to meet energy needs while saving huge money on utility costs. As a substantial price is involved in the installation of solar panels on a property (an average cost of a solar system between 6 kW to 12 kW will range from $5400 to $18000), you need to ensure you pick the right partner to make your investment worthwhile.

As the market is chockfull of solar companies that claim to provide the best installation and services to their customers, finding the best one becomes challenging. So, here is the list of tips to pick the right partner that will make your solar installation seamless, stress-free, and worthy.

1. Testimonials & Reviews

Getting first-hand referrals from family, friends, and neighbors is a good start to knowing the reliable solar installation brands but you should not completely rely on them. You should look at the online reviews and testimonials from real customers for your shortlisted solar installers. For example, Momentum Solar is one of the reputable solar companies that has received 4 and 5-star reviews with good feedback on their products and installation process.

Getting such good reviews and good ratings is a good sign. On the other hand, if you see poor ratings, below-average service reports, complaints, and bad reviews from unhappy customers, consider this as a red flag.

In addition, a solar company with fewer reviews indicates that they are not in the business for long, so if you are looking for an experienced provider you can avoid working with such installers. This means you should consider looking at the reviews if you want to work with an established company with experience and a good track record.

2. Credibility & Trustworthiness

Knowing credibility and trustworthiness is one of the biggest aspects to keep in mind while choosing a solar company. Simple research about your shortlisted solar companies can give you a good idea of their experience, work, and reputation. In addition to our first point, reviews and testimonials about the company can help you analyze its credibility to a great extent.

You can also see examples of their projects that might have been shared by the solar company itself. Talking to their former customers can also help you establish trust in a particular company.

Also, you can reach out directly to the company and ask for references and the number of projects the company has completed. If a company provides it without any delays it is a good sign and if not, it is time to contact other solar companies on your list.

3. Price Analysis

Price is undeniably an important factor in solar installation projects but it should not be the sole deciding aspect in your purchase process. Some solar companies offer cheap rates for solar panel installation to attract customers but their services are poor or the PV system fails in efficiency.

The quote that you receive from any solar company should be the comprehensive cost of solar panel installation, connection, service, and maintenance. A credible solar company always offers detailed quotations for their services including the amount of savings that can be done after going solar and the amount of energy that will be produced by a system.

Get quotations from multiple solar companies and weigh your options. Don’t just be swayed away by the lower price; check the services, financing options they are providing, etc. match them with your budget, and contact the one that seems to offer value for your money spent.

4. Certifications & Licenses

Certification of a solar company is one of the vital things that need to be considered when you want to choose the best. Although there are several accreditations for a solar company, the most prominent one is NABCEP (The North American Board of Energy Practitioners). In the United States, NABCEP is among the best national standard certification programs.

Companies that have NABCEP certification indicate that they have the right skills and knowledge to meet different types of renewable energy projects. This certification is widely recognized and respected certification for renewable energy professionals.

Also, a typical solar company requires licenses for electrician, home performance, general contracting, and home improvement contracting. Some solar companies also obtain general liability insurance to get coverage for property damages and bodily injuries resulting from their own products and services.

1. Maintenance, Warranties, and After-Sales Support

Maintenance service, warranty period, and after-sales service vary from solar company to company. Some solar companies provide 25 year warranty whereas some offer 30 year warranty. For solar inverters, the warranty period ranges from 10, 12 15, 20 to 25 years depending on the type and brand. Knowing the warranty period is vital to protect your investment and get the most out of it.

After-sales support is equally important for solar seekers to get fast resolutions for their queries. Getting prompt answers during the initial solar purchase is very normal but what you get after the completion of the project matters too. Many companies don’t offer prompt responses to complaints after sales. Therefore, you need to check this very carefully if you want to avert such a situation.

A reliable solar company not only completes the solar project seamlessly but also gives tips to keep the solar system running to its full potential. For example, panels require a specific number of hours in the sun and some solar batteries need to be completely charged before using them. You can also ask your solar provider to understand specific requisites for your solar system.

2. Services Offered

Nowadays solar companies are not just providing panel installation but also different related services to offer convenience to their customers. The most common solar-related services are roof analysis, roof replacement, home energy efficiency audits, and EV (electric vehicle) charger installations.

If you are looking for a solar provider that offers all solar-related services under one roof, you can choose the one that meets this requirement. Partnering with a solar company that offers all solar solutions can be a great convenience before and after the completion of the solar installation project.

3. Quality of Solar Panels

Solar panels come in different sizes and quality as well. The quality of solar panels installed on your property rooftop matters a lot when it comes to the longevity and performance of the system. Reach out to the solar company and ask them about what quality of equipment, solar panels, and inverters they use.

If the solar company installs high-quality solar panels then you can expect that your system will last for years and function well. Ask them what brand of solar panels they use for installation. Credible solar companies always use top brands and partner with reputed manufacturers to offer the best services to their customers.

4. Financing Options

Financing options are another aspect that you need to consider before partnering with a solar company. As you already know, solar panel installation comes with a huge cost, not every individual who wants to go for solar can pay upfront money for the project. To make solar installation budget-friendly for homeowners, several solar companies offer different solar financing options.

Financing options include leasing, net metering, PPA (power purchase agreement), etc. If you are interested in solar installation and its associated cost is holding you back, you should consider shortlisting those solar companies offering good financing options to their customers.

Plus, solar companies that offer financing options to their customers also project that their business is established and professionally managed. Solar installers who are struggling to survive in the competitive solar industry will not offer credit solutions to their customers.

Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing a Solar Company

Here is the list of common mistakes that many homeowners make when choosing a solar company. Understand them to avoid them in your solar purchase.

Not Doing Enough Research

Many solar seekers don’t do enough research and end up partnering with a company that fails to meet their solar needs, has bad after-sales support, or untrained engineers. Therefore, don’t fall short on this part as it can make your entire process full of hassles.

Not Knowing After-Sales Support

You should gauge and analyze the after-sales support of a solar company through its reviews and testimonials. What if your newly installed solar stops functioning or provides inferior service after installation? There has to be someone that takes care of these glitches.

Not understanding after-sales support can land you in trouble, so avoid skipping this part.

Going For the Cheaper Price

You get what you pay for and it is applicable to solar panel purchases as well. A good price indicates the quality of panels and the related services. Low-priced panels can be of inferior quality which impacts its longevity and performance.

So, don’t fall for cheaper-priced solar solutions as low price indicates cheap quality.

Not Focussing on Warranty Info

Some homeowners pay less focus on the warranty which is one of the biggest mistakes in solar purchases. The warranty of solar panels ensures that they will run smoothly without any damages and all the repairs will be done by the solar provider within a specified time.

So, it is very important to know the warranty information of your solar panels before getting them installed on your property.

Not Assessing Quality and Workmanship

Weather is unpredictable, panels will be exposed to thousands of hours of wind, sun, rain, hail, and more, so your solar panels should run efficiently in any condition. Most solar companies offer a 10-year warranty on the panel’s performance and even more.

You need to assess the workmanship and quality assurance of the solar panels that are offered by the solar company.

Failing to Get Multiple Quotes

VWe understand that people are engaged in this demanding era and don’t have time to obtain solar quotes from companies. However, if you don’t get quotes from different solar companies, you will not understand the average rate of solar project completion on a property.

This way you can end up paying thousands for a project that could have been completed in a few hundred. So, don’t fail to obtain quotes from multiple solar companies to get a fair price.

The Bottomline

Solar panel installation is becoming one of the smartest home investments around the world. Not only does it save energy costs but also reduces carbon footprint which is why despite the involved cost, several homeowners and businesses are adopting solar at a great pace.

However, the solar experience can only be worthwhile if you choose the right partner for the solar project. Choosing an unreliable solar installer can give you a sour experience during and after the completion of the project.

Selecting the best solar company in the massive crowd is like choosing the finest recipe for any cuisine with the right ingredients like the quality of solar panels, credibility, financing options, warranties, services offered, and much more.

Once you find the right solar company that matches your needs and budgets, take the next step towards reducing your energy cost and book the appointment!