by Daniel Clark

Installing solar panels on your roof is an effective method of channelling the power of the sunlight; commercially and residentially.  One can use the power of solar panels to generate the electricity on a commercial and residential basis. This is also one of the best methods to lower your energy bills and reduce energy consumption from the electrical grid. It is a great shift to save energy, shift towards using green energy and using a clean source of power. In Brisbane, best solar panels can be set up on the roof and helps one to generate green electricity.

Important Statistics and Facts

  • Over 2 million households in 2018, installed rooftop solar panels in Australia, which effectively means one in every five households now has solar panels.
  • The first three months of 2019, saw a 46 percent increase in the installation of solar panels.
  • Solar panel installations are estimated to help consumers save close to 600 Million AUD on electricity over a decade.

Essential Energy Saving Tips

  • In Brisbane, finding the best solar installers on the roof is a good energy-saving option. This is also a good method of making your home more environmentally sustainable; it is also the perfect method to reduce your energy bill. There are several applications of solar panels. It can help make your house energy independent since you are no longer dependent on the electrical grid for electricity. It also means your energy bills are almost nil or very small; thus helping you save on how you spend energy.
  • Besides being beneficial to the environment, reducing your carbon footprint has an added benefit for companies since they can advertise their products as being “Green Products”. Listed here are several tips on how to save money on energy consumption in 2020:
  • Turning off lights when not in use is a good method of reducing the electrical bill. It is amazing how much energy one can save by simply switching the lights off when it is not in use.
  • Making use of more energy-efficient bulbs instead of inefficient or power-hungry ones can also make a world of difference. Opting for lower wattage bulbs as per necessity works towards reducing your bill.
  • Using LED bulbs instead will ensure the lights last much longer, generate less heat as well and last longer.
  • One shouldn’t use all the appliances frequently and all-together, and even when they are not in use, they are plugged in like air conditioning systems, heaters, entertainment systems, etc. It is a good idea to unplug all such electrical devices since it can make a big difference in the energy bill.
  • As the number of mobile gadgets are high, so does the electricity bill. Using our mobiles, laptops, tablets, battery backups all add up to a bigger bill. It is a good practice to take advantage of the ‘sleep’ mode in your devices or fully unplug or switch off the device when not in use. It is also a good practice to unplug the device when fully charged since keeping them plugged will still utilize electricity.
  • Keeping your appliances clean can also help reduce your energy bill. Having them serviced, maintaining them and keeping clean can make a big difference on the bill.

It is highly beneficial to hire the best solar company in Brisbane to help you convert solar power into electrical power to gain more power independence.  It is one of the best methods to save energy and reduce your electric bills.