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A rental bond or security deposit may be required by the landlord when you rent a new apartment or home to assure that any damages will be covered by the tenant. How can you ensure that your house’s bond cleaning meets your landlord’s expectations when you move out?

Here is some business advice from a reputed cleaning company on how to tidy up and have your house ready for even the pickiest agent inspections.

1. Make a checklist first

Use the Property Condition Report as a guide or make your own by downloading a qualified Bond Cleaning Checklist. Agents follow the Property Condition Report during their inspection. Most importantly, make a note of any damaged or soiled areas. These might need a tradesman’s skill.

2. Clean the carpet completely

Carpets and other delicate floor coverings improve the appearance of a building. However, normal wear and tear can age it and make it appear dull. You must clean the carpet if you want your bond returned during your house cleaning. To remove any loose material, including pet hair and dust, go for thorough vacuuming.

You should employ a deep cleaning if there are any stubborn stains (especially ones that weren’t present when you first moved in). It takes more than routine cleaning and maintenance to keep the carpet looking spotless. Another suggested method for deep carpet cleaning is steam cleaning.

3. Clean up the cooking area

The kitchen is a crucial component of every living space. This room has a purpose; hence it needs to be maintained clean. Unfortunately, one of the dirtiest places in a rental house is the kitchen. Pay close attention to the following when bond back cleaning the kitchen:

  1. Cooking sink
  2. Countertops/Cabinets
  3. Stovetops
  4. Dishwashers/Ovens

These locations are notorious for having accumulated grease and dirt, oil spills, and difficult-to-remove stains. It is also important to note that various surfaces. After cleaning all of these different kitchen surfaces, make sure to disinfect them, paying particular attention to the high-touch areas.

4. Maintain the bathroom

The rental home’s bathroom, in addition to the kitchen, needs to be thoroughly cleaned for bond cleaning. Your bathroom’s many surfaces are susceptible to rust stains, soap scum, mould, mildew, hard water, and mineral deposits to keep it looking spotless. To clean the bathroom, you’ll need specialist cleaning supplies and equipment. Be sure to notice the glass doors, handrails, showerheads, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Use a strong cleaning solution and scrubbing equipment for difficult stains and dirt.

5. Act as though you’re relocating

Examining your apartment as if you were a new renter going in is one method to make sure it is in the condition it should be. How would you describe the condition of a new property? Does it need to be cleaned further? Compared to the property condition report you completed when you first moved in, how does it compare? As per the advice of the cleaning company, compare the move-out condition to the move-in condition if you have images from the day, you moved in.

Even better, ask your landlord to inspect the property alongside you as you go through it.

6. Employ qualified cleaners

If your home requires a good, thorough cleaning or if you are concerned that your landlord may overcharge you, think about hiring professional bond cleaners. Finding a cleaner on your own could end up saving you money in the long run, especially if you take the time to shop around while your landlord is only interested in having the rental cleaned and sending you the bill.

When cleaning businesses offer packages for bond back cleaning, they occasionally guarantee that they won’t charge you if you don’t receive your security deposit returned. Keep all of your receipts so you have documentation that you cleaned the unit.

7. Deal with each room separately.

Panicking makes it simple to attempt to take on the entire house at once. If you do this, though, you can end up skipping certain important details that could keep you from getting your bond restored. It’s far simpler to divide your bond cleaning into individual rooms, making sure each one is well-cleaned before moving on to the next. Additionally, this will help you manage the process of house cleaning.

8. One final glance

After you’ve completed your bond back cleaning list, you should walk around one last time to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything. It is worthwhile to complete any additional work you believe is necessary at this point if only to ensure that you will receive your bond back. However, you may always hire  skilled bond cleaners at any point if you’re unsure that you’ve done a good enough job.