by Modern Seal Roofing

Australia has vibrant weather. It ranges from hot summer windy days to weeks of sweltering heat and extreme rain. Everybody wants to protect their homes from weather damage. You need to make sure that your roof can withstand the outdoor elements, ensuring it is ready for every type of weather.

Experts of roof restoration in Melbourne list out five tips that assist in maintaining your roof to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Keep your drainage system free of blockages with regular gutter cleaning. 

Blocked gutters can cause water to overflow on your roof, which is a huge risk for damage. 

In order to ensure the functionality of your gutters, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. A monthly clean is ideal, but if you have had a lot of leaves or debris, it may need to be cleaned more frequently. 

  • Annual Maintenance

 The durability and long lifespan of your building depend on the maintenance of its roof. 

A yearly checkup on your roof will help protect it from wear and tear. Hire roofing experts who are acquainted with inspecting any roofing material. Whether you have terracotta, metal or cement tiles, you must keep them maintained. This can be done by a trained professional.

Please check your roof and gutters regularly for any potential holes or gaps that may damage your roof and cause water damage to your house.

  • Ensure trimmed trees and their accompanying branches 

Overhanging trees and their accompanying branches and leaves are a big problem for new roofs, but they can be a big problem for older roofs too. Branches and leaves drop off, pile up, grow and decay. Strong winds can lead to branches blowing onto the roof or rubbing against it. . It’s advisable to have trees and their accompanying branches trimmed regularly. 

  • Roof tile maintenance

Roofing is a skill that requires the right tools and experience to get the job done right. It’s very important to repair any damaged, loose or missing tiles as these can lead to leakages and other problems. If not repaired, they will only develop further and could cost you more in the long term. 

However, accessing and inspecting your roof can be a difficult task. Thus, we suggest you avail services of the roof restoration in Hughesdale experts. They have the necessary tools to inspect and handle your roofing concerns. 

  • Rainwater damage

 During periods of excessive rainfall, your roof will come under pressure from torrential downpours, which in turn may lead to leaks. If there are any existing cracks or problems with flashing and tile works around your roof, these gaps can easily become exposed and allow moisture or water to infiltrate into walls, floors and ceilings of your home.


Roofs are built to protect the homeowners from the sky above by working as a vital barrier. However, in case of roofing problems, the ideal way to handle them is to hire professional roofing contractors. They will do a thorough inspection before undertaking roof repairs.