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Any house cleaning is incomplete if you miss out on the kitchen. The kitchen and the bathroom are two places that tend to get dirty quickly. Also, the walls in these places are usually tiled. We are here to talk about the kitchen tiles, cabinets, and backsplashes though. In any house cleaning scenario, you need to pay extra attention to these areas. The importance is intensified when you are bond cleaning and your security deposit is on the line.

Well, we are here to calm your nerves with some tips. Your kitchen bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning will be done in a few hours. Even without the help of commercial cleaning services, you can get great results.

Let’s stop dreaming though and start talking then!

A few common issues with kitchen cabinets and backsplashes

The tiles on the walls of your kitchen as well as the hard cabinet tops and countertops are susceptible to grease, dirt, and food stains. For a successful bond cleaning, you will need to recognize these problems before you solve them. Some of the most common cleaning challenges that you will face while cleaning your kitchen are:

  • Stained walls and surfaces: Especially white coloured backsplashes. Food stains are quite common in the kitchen. Apart from that, extended use of cabinet tops of countertops also discolours the surface and leaves them looking old and dirty.
  • Mould: Mould can be found easily in places that are ignored. It loves to populate areas where the conditions are humid and dark. Therefore, your kitchen cabinets are easy prey to this pest.
  • Dirt and grease: Kitchen cabinets and backsplashes get dirty easily. Food stains and grease marks are quite common as well.

Tips to get rid of stains on kitchen surfaces

To ensure that your bond cleaning is successful, you will need to figure out a way to get rid of the pesky stains. Here we have a few tips to get you started.

Use a medium to hard bristled brush with warm water

Some stains can be easily removed using this technique. Just buy a medium to hard bristled brush and rub on a surface that has been wetted with warm water. Make sure that you do not use boiling water. Also, ensure that you do not rub the surface too strongly as it may end up with scratches and marks. Finally, it is important to avoid running the brush between the tiles for too long. If the grout falls off, it can become a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

Warm water and vinegar are great for dirty backsplashes

One of the most effective DIY combinations, you can use this solution in spray bottles. It helps easily dislodge dirt and grease from between the tiles and other tricky places. You can also use the hinges of the kitchen cabinets to remove any grease stuck there. Vinegar and warm water are usually non-corrosive and therefore work wonders on stains without damaging the surface behind it. If your countertops and backsplashes are made from marble, this solution can yield great results.

Use baking soda with vinegar on countertops and sinks

This mixture is generally used in the form of a paste. Apply this paste on lodged sinkholes or greasy and stained countertops. Leave it there for a few seconds and then wipe it off using warm water. This solution can be a little corrosive so make sure you wash it off using plenty of warm water. However, the results are even better than the ones discussed before. For this reason, use this method on stubborn stains and food spots that just won’t go away. Ensure that you wear gloves to avoid irritation on your skin.

Hydrogen peroxide is even better

Hydrogen peroxide shows results that are far greater than vinegar and baking soda. Although the science behind the cleaning process means the same, what we care about is that hydrogen peroxide is ideal on old stains. Again, wear a pair of rubber gloves when using this solution. There are multiple ways to use the peroxide solution. You can explore the use cases of this miracle compound and use it accordingly. If you are looking for quick and better results for a thorough cleaning such as bond cleaning, go for hydrogen peroxide.

The last resort – chlorine bleach

Although these compounds are easily available in the market, it is best to use them under specific conditions only. Chlorine bleach is extremely corrosive and can damage your kitchen cabinets and walls if proper care is not taken. It is extremely effective on old stains but avoid using it on white surfaces as even a little amount can discolour the surface. Ensure that you don’t leave this on any surface for a long time.

Buy strong commercial solutions if the stains are too stubborn

One of the best things that you can resort to after all your DIY attempts have failed is to go online and look for commercial solutions. There are hundreds of products available online and in the local stores claiming to do the right job. But you shouldn’t be fooled by this. Before you buy any commercial cleaning product, ensure that you read the reviews and also go through the list of ingredients. It is wise to avoid any constituents that are dangerous for you or for the environment. When purchasing any cleaning solution, it is the effect that matters – not the brand. Therefore, research online and read about other people’s opinions. Buy a cleaning product for your bond cleaning that actually does the job instead of just boasting about it.

Hire commercial cleaning services

This is the actual last resort that you can turn to. If you want a good bond cleaning and things have started to overwhelm you, you can call in the experts. Commercial cleaning services can be hired to tackle any kind of house cleaning related problems. This of course includes stains on kitchen cabinets and backsplashes. There are several benefits of hiring an end of lease cleaning company to do the job:

  • They’ll do it better than you can. This is as straightforward as we can get. This is because they do this day in and day out. They have the right resources as well as the equipment to get the job done quickly and safely.
  • Commercial end of lease cleaning services know the risks that come with the job. Therefore, they have solutions in place in case some accident happens.
  • Finally, they can make the entire process stress-free for you.