by Bridget

Issues like clogged sinks and leaky gas pipes are common in homes. Hence, there is much demand for professionals offering plumbing and gas fitting services. Though one will spend some time to locate such professionals, selecting reliable ones will help save unnecessary repairs, headaches, and money.

The best gas fitting and plumbing professionals come licensed and insured and don’t charge any hidden fees. Also, they may provide a warranty to guarantee their services. Use the following tips to hire the right professionals:

Check license

All states and local authorities mandate gas fitters and plumbers to possess a valid license. One must deal with only licensed gas fitting and plumbing companies. This will ensure that they have the required skills to practice gas fitting and plumbing work. A simple Google search can reveal ratings, reviews and credentials, and any complaints related to their work.

Check insurance

A professional plumber and gasfitter will take all possible precautions to solve problems instead of creating any fresh ones. But the fact is that one can never be sure whether there will be any accidents. Hence, one must always work with a professional who is fully insured. They must be insured for workmen’s compensation and general liability. This insurance cover helps protect workers handling problems with gas fitting or plumbing and any damage to the home.

Experience and reputation

The experience and reputation of the company are other important factors. One must seek out a company with several years of experience. It is a fact that a professional company needs to start at one point or another, but one cannot risk hiring novices as so much is at stake in gas fitting and plumbing jobs in a property. Hence, one should seek a well-experienced company with a good reputation for gaining assured results instead of undertaking a risk with a start-up that may bungle the work.

Good website

Though a website cannot assure good repair and fix of one’s problems, it serves as the first point of contact between gas fitting and plumbing companies with their customers. Hence, a professional company must have a highly informative and well-made website. This site must include information about services provided, areas being served, business hours and any emergency services. When the website is of top quality, it indicates that the plumbing company cares for and values its customers.

Ask around

Despite the fact that almost everything is online nowadays, word of mouth still remains a highly reliable way to get to know the best plumbers and gas fitters in town. If a relative, friend or neighbour has recently constructed or renovated their home, inquire from them about gas fitting and plumbing services that they used and their recommendations.

Make a good match

Various gas fitting and plumbing companies operate as per differing schedules. Prior to selecting the right professionals, ask the right questions regarding the length of the project, extra fees, estimates, liability insurance etc.

Guarantee for work

Companies with high repute must offer warranties as a guarantee for their work. Though the majority of plumbing fixtures feature a warranty from manufacturers, quality of service and labour from plumbers must be warranted as per guarantee.

Hence, one must first ascertain whether the gas fitter or plumber offers a warranty before hiring him. A warranty indicates that one is hiring a professional who provides reliable service and can fix any other problems that may arise.

What matters is the level of customer satisfaction guaranteed. Hence, the ideal company worker will arrive on time, serve you professionally and quickly complete the work.

Transparent pricing

The ideal company to select is one that can offer upfront and free quotes for fixing plumbing problems. Avoid working with a company that is not providing clear pricing before the commencement of work.

If you hire a company that doesn’t offer upfront quotes, this may leave you exasperated because you will end up paying much beyond what you have budgeted. So, you must always work with companies that offer transparent pricing.

Customer service

A professional and reliable company will answer phone calls in a positive, friendly and warm manner. Additionally, customer service reps should have a helpful demeanour. The manner in which they handle calls and queries from customers will be a good indication of how they will serve one in the future for any work and handle the project from beginning to conclusion.

High-quality service

There may be some fixtures like lighting on which a homeowner can go cheap. But this is a complete no-no for gas fitting and plumbing. One must always go for quality services from totally insured and licensed plumbers and provide transparent and clear pricing. They should also offer a service warranty. Gas fitting and plumbing issues may be catastrophic and costly to repair.

In sum, one must never neglect issues related to gas and plumbing. In case they are not fixed, more damage will be caused to one’s property. It might cause the need for expensive repairs for insulation, floor, and walls. Always hire professionals for plumbing and gas fitting to be guaranteed a stress-free service.