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As we enter into a brand new year, we often like to change various things in our life for the better. So why not change up your garden as well? Re-designing your outdoor living space can hit the reset button, giving you a fresh place to relax and enjoy!

Spending time outdoors is well-renowned for having the ability to boost our mood and support our mental well-being. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure that our garden is well designed so that we can maximise the benefits of spending time in it.

2022 is the year of bright, bold and colourful gardening trends, so why not take this opportunity to give your garden a spruce up! This article will take a look at some fantastic garden trends that you can try out. The following ideas are perfect for all garden types, especially for landscaping Sydney. 

Tiny Spaces  

Many people live in urban houses and city apartments with an extremely limited garden area. However, you can create a relaxing, comfortable outdoor space, no matter how big or small your yard is!

Planting a few well-chosen plants around a table and chairs can liven up any small garden. Using plants of varying heights can create depth and a sense of space. You can even build a green roof or vertical garden to add beauty whilst helping the environment.

You can also utilise colourful pots or tiles to create eye-catching features in your garden without compromising on space.

When it has been well-designed and thought out, even the most miniature garden can become a stunning outdoor paradise! 

Outdoor Living

An extremely popular trend right now is outdoor living. This involves expanding your living space into your garden and taking everyday activities such as eating, working, and relaxing into the outdoors!

This means that your garden needs to be somewhere you enjoy actively spending time in. Think about what daily activities you personally engage in and how you could design your garden so you can take those activities outside!

To ensure that your garden is prepared for outdoor living, you could incorporate a comfortable seating area equipped with water-resistant soft furnishings. You could even try making an outdoor home office with a canopy to shield your laptop from the sun’s glare!

Other fun ideas for outdoor living include creating a kitchen area so you can cook in the garden, an outdoor cinema, and even a party space with lights and a gazebo! So have fun creating your ideal outdoor living area. 

Low Maintenance Gardens

This gardening trend is ideal for people who don’t want to spend lots of time taking care of their garden but still want a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy!

To create a low maintenance garden, minimise the number of plants and lawn area. The variety of plants you use is also essential to creating a garden that is easy to care for.

Using plant varieties that last all year round and do not need a lot of watering will make your garden extremely low-maintenance! Experts in landscaping Sydney will be able to assist you in choosing the right kinds of plants for your garden.

Incorporating colourful garden furniture or using different textures and tile patterns can also help to add interest to your garden, without making extra work for you! 

Indoor Garden

Many people face the problem of not actually having any outdoor space at all! You can still create a green paradise right inside your own home.

Before you start creating your indoor garden, find a location in your home that receives an adequate amount of sunlight. Then you can start adding a variety of eye-catching plants to this area!

You could grow an indoor fruit tree, herb garden, a collection of succulents. The possibilities are endless! Fill your rooms with all your favourite plants and enjoy the benefits of nature from the comfort of your own home! 

Sustainable Gardens

Creating a sustainable garden is a popular trend that helps us do our part to help the planet! If you are passionate about the environment and don’t mind putting in some hard work in the garden, then this is an idea that may work for you.

There are many practices that can help you maintain a sustainable garden, including creating garden beds to grow your own food. In addition, you can grow fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and more!

By choosing native plants, you can also produce a garden that supports your local ecosystem. Sydney landscaping experts will be able to advise you on which plants are best for your sustainable garden. 

Bold and Colourful

Bold colours are exceptionally trendy this year, so if you love bright hues, then this could be an excellent idea for your garden! When planting your garden, try to use lots of different plant varieties in different tones and colours. These various plants will all help add depth, texture and interest to your garden!

Wild gardens are also a fantastic way to see stunning colours in your yard. A wild garden doesn’t follow conventional gardening rules but allows plants to spread and grow in their own natural way. This method results in a beautiful, natural and colourful garden for you to enjoy! 

Professional Landscaping Sydney 

With these stunning landscaping trends, we have seen how beautiful outdoor spaces can be created to suit anyone’s needs with some careful planning!

If these ideas have inspired you to redesign your garden, why not get the help of some Sydney landscaping experts?

Dapple Designs are a team of landscaping Sydney professionals. They have years of experience in landscape design and are therefore highly qualified to assist you in creating your dream garden!

They have affordable rates and can design tailor-made projects, no matter how big or small your garden is.

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