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The times we live in are quite different from the life that it was last decade, and it’s changing with every aspect of life. With the growing technology and advancement of life standards, our youth is getting influenced very much, but the growth is good when it’s getting productivity. Some factors can affect one’s style and can lead to many downfalls if you go deep inside that shit hole. Yes, we are talking about “Drugs” if you keep reading, you will know the causes of why our youth are facing drug abuse and how it is affecting their life.

What Is A Drug?

To know the harmful effects of drugs, you first need to know. You might be thinking about what harm drugs can do, as they also get used for medicinal purposes, but here is the real definition of a drug—the illegal practices of substances like cocaine, heroin, inhalants, marijuana, methamphetamines, including opioids. The misuse of the doses of such substances that can harm the body in many different ways is known as drugs. The earlier you get exposed to such drugs, the greater the chances of continuing them and becoming addicted later.

Causes Of Drug Abuse Among Youth

If we want a way of getting this youth out of this habit, we should also know under which circumstances they got into. Although there could be many reasons that someone from the youth is doing drugs or being an addict, we will discuss some fundamental reasons that could be true.



We have all been to that phase of life where we enjoy experimenting with new things, any new hobbies, or anything that we haven’t heard of before; now, “curiosity kills the cat,” you might have heard about it. The power of decision-making, self-control, and being judgmental comes while ageing, and the young ones are more prone to taking risks and doing adventurous stuff. Also, in this stage of life, they got easy access to drugs and alcohol as their curious mind made them do things, which when they reach their limit and exceed it, only the dead end comes after it.

Peer pressure

The reason it’s been said that you should always choose your friend group wisely is because you never know what kind of influence someone can have on you. In this era, the youngsters always attempt to fit in. However, we all agree that the teenage years often come with many insecurities, low self-esteem, and the fear of not being accepted to be a part of that and being so-called “Cool” and joining a circle older than yours is not good. Many teens, for this reason, start buying and using drugs.

Lack Of Education

You will agree that if there is no awareness or education, how will one know, is it really bad? If it is, then why is it so? Wherever you will see, you will find how our society glamorises the use of drugs; whether it will be on television or any singer singing about it, they never show the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Think how many teens do not know what it is and how harmful it could be for them if they consume it. To avoid this confusion, they need proper education. They need to know what it is and why they should consume it, what will happen if they do so and if someone else is doing the same, they should also stop them. Also, parents can take their kids to the dispensary by searching for good dispensaries near me and educate them on their own as well.

To feel better

Sometimes we don’t know what a person might be going through internally, which is the case with most adolescents. Many of them suffer from deep-seated conditions like social anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders. To feel better, many teenagers try this shady path without knowing how lost they will be. To escape from their pain and reality, they choose this hallucinating world that gives them an immense euphoric feeling but at the cost of a lifetime of never-ending suffering.


In this fast-changing and competitive world, students are always under pressure to do better than others. Everyone is trying their hardest to impress and make their folks proud, and in this race, they often feel tired, but still, there is no explanation for drug abuse. Under this pressure, teens and young adults are frustrated and try to find alternatives for things from which they can keep up with their goals. They found this helpful, but in reality, they are just trying to escape and want the shortcut which is neither good for them nor their family.



We have discussed how teens often fall under this trap in the above points, but what about early-age adults who are also in the same loophole. With adulthood comes many other responsibilities, new emotions, depression, and a new lifestyle even. Sometimes it is not easy to keep up with all these emotions, and people usually burst out in anger and take the wrong path, which they should not. If you know someone around you like this, you should help them out instead of judging them.

How Can You Detect A Drug Addict

  1. Sudden mood swings.
  2. Loss of interest in activities they used to like before.
  3. They do not take care of their hygiene much.
  4. Irregular sleep cycle and eating pattern.
  5. They are depressed most of the time.
  6. Usually, they won’t be eating according to their regular appetite; either they are eating more or less than their usual diet.
  7. Sometimes they could be very energetic and talk about things that may not make any sense.
  8. Because of loneliness, they often spend time alone. Sudden mood swings.
  9. Having problems in personal and professional life.
  10. They might be facing memory lapses, lack of coordination, poor concentration, and slurred speech problems due to the high concentration of drugs they are taking.

Adverse Health Effects Of Drugs

As we have already read how bad drugs can be bad for your body and the people around you. Also, if you are going down, then others who love you will go down with you. Let’s discuss some health concern issues related to drugs for awareness purposes, from serious to fatal death-causing harmful effects, are possible if you are in possession or influence of any kind of drug.

  1. Risk of a heart attack.
  2. Rise of stroke and seizures.
  3. Risk of damage to heart, kidneys, lungs then followed by other organs in the long run.
  4. Risk of impairment in memory, learning, and concentration.
  5. Risks of psychotic behaviour are also possible in the long run if you don’t put a stop to your addiction.
  6. The risk of respiratory distress and even death in the worst-case due to the overdose is also common.

You cannot take these life-threatening risks casually, and drug addiction is not a trend. It is the same as cancer and cancer-causing, which once it starts, it won’t stop, but if you are willing to get your healthy life back, you have to start at some point. So do not be scared as there are rehabilitation centres that will surely help you also. With the support of your loved ones, you can do anything; all you need to do is have the willpower to be better and come out clean soon.



Drug addiction and people who take drugs always live in misery. They always feel lost and feel like nothing can help them. The combination of fear and depression does not let them come out in the sunshine, but there is always a better option. It won’t be an easy task, but it will be worth it. So after reading the above article now, you know what a drug is, its causes, and the risks of taking it. So hope you now only gained your knowledge about it but also know how to treat someone if they are going through the same.