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Most people need to understand the differences between commercial and residential painting fully. It is essential to know the differences between these two types of paint, significantly in the case of large-scale commercial painting.

Here we will emphasize some differences between residential and commercial painting.

You will be better informed the next time you hire painters for your projects.

What is commercial painting?

Commercial painting, as its name suggests, consists of painting commercial establishments. They are usually painting projects for companies and are large-scale activities.

These are businesses such as restaurants, factories, and large residential complexes. The paint in this area is mostly functional and less aesthetic, depending on the business.

However, some commercial painting projects may be more eye-focused to entice potential clients.

What is residential painting?

Residential painting is used for house painting. It consists of painting the exterior and interior of homes. This type of painting is more complicated than commercial painting.

Due to its comparative ease with commercial painting, some people paint the house themselves. Today there are many options to imagine what a house will look like with new paint, such as using applications that simulate the color of a photo.

However, finding professional painters to paint your house is always a good idea. Remember that many charge more in the summer, a good time to give your house a fresh coat of paint.

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Painting

To help you understand the difference between commercial painting and residential painting. We will explain each type of paint before delving into their differences.

1. The size of the project

The significant difference between commercial and residential painting is the hierarchy of every assignment. When it comes to commercial projects, you think of big projects.

Compare a residential establishment and an industrial complex. The latter is much larger than a house.

Painting a factory will need comprehensive planning, a lot of human resources, and a lot of paint. Painting an exclusive multi-family complex includes the measures for a commercial painting due to the hierarchy of the painting. Consider multi-family residences.

2. Programming

Time is money for almost every business. This is why commercial painters are incredibly flexible when it comes to timing. This flexibility is because most commercial refinishers understand that disruption to normal activities can result in loss.

In this regard, most commercial painters strive to accommodate company hours and may work even odd hours.

They can do residential painting, at any time, even on weekdays. However, some house painters may only be willing to work long hours if the pay is good.

3. Experience of the painters

When it comes to experience and knowledge, commercial painters have an advantage over their peers. Remember that commercial painters have to work a lot on a single project.

Given the demand for commercial painters, the possibility of a painter having experience on multiple projects is very high.

On the other hand, house painters may not be as experienced as commercial painters.

The domestic painting consists of painting the exterior of homes.

Although painters have painted many houses, the procedure is practically the same.

That being said, house painters still have quite a bit of experience on their resumes.

Due to the experience factor, it can be complicated for a house painter to do well on commercial projects.

However, with the appropriate training, the residential painter can become a good commercial painter in a short time.

4. The quantity and quality of the paint

House painting is rather a visual project. As such, the paint utilized in house painting is for purely aesthetic purposes.

The quality of the paint varies depending on the homeowner. However, most house painters stress the paint quality because nobody likes bad paint for their home.

Commercial painters don’t compromise on quantity but are less concerned with the quality of paints. After all, most of these painting projects only serve a useful purpose.

Most business owners are unwilling to spend on expensive paint, except for some businesses like hotels and restaurants.

Also, since commercial painting requires a lot of paint, deciding on expensive paints could cost the company money.

To paint house, a few cans of paint are needed to complete the project.

When it comes to commercial painting, hundreds or thousands of gallons of paint are needed due to the scale of the project.

5. Services offered by each one

The services of commercial painters differ greatly from the services of house painters. The structures of houses and commercial premises are very different.


We should note that some commercial painters can do some residential painting.

Always seek professional painters for any painting project. You may have excellent DIY skills, but nothing can compare to the work of a professional.