by Jilli

The faulty wiring wreaks havoc in any home. In Australia, faulty wiring results in tens of thousands of houses every year. The seriousness of the problem is such that a faulty wire shouldn’t be overlooked as it may result in loss of property or even life. Identifying a wiring problem and calling an electrician before any irreplaceable damage happens, is the wisest thing to do. You should also remember that faulty electrical wiring is not any sport or adventure to try a DIY repair. This post lines up the 7 signs which are an indication of faulty wiring in your home and a reminder for you to call a level 2 electrician Sydney immediately.

Flickering and dimming lights

When you switch on the lights do you see any flicker, wane, or dimming? If only a single bulb flickers, the problem can be solved by changing it. But if the flickering or dimming happens in multiple light fixtures then it is a sign of a problem with the wiring of the electrical system. The issue when left unattended would lead to deterioration of the electrical wires. In such a case, it is crucial to call an expert electrician and get your wires and electrical system of your home checked.

An old electrical system with worn-out wires can also be the culprit behind this problem. With the help of a professional electrician, you can remodel your wiring system and install an accident-proof wire system.

Frequent tripping of the circuit

The circuit breaker is the golden key or the gatekeeper of an electrical system. The circuit breaker oversees the electric circuit and shuts it off automatically when it detects an overload hitting the electrical system. Shutdown prevents sudden power surge and damage to the appliances connected to the system. The breaker may trip when a high voltage is device is suddenly plunged to the circuit or many gadgets and devices run at the same time. Circuit tripping is common and it indicates that the breaker is working perfectly. If you observe frequent circuit trips, it is time to check the circuit with the help of a level 2 electrician as frequent tripping can be an indication of an underlying problem.

The flaming smell or foul odor from the outlets

The burning smell may emancipate from the overheating outlets. In some cases, you may also notice burn marks and discolouration at the outlet. Burning smell from any of the outlet is the ultimate red flag and you shouldn’t delay calling an emergency electrician. The burning smell indicates that the wiring has started to melt. If you observe such marks or any discolouration on the sockets or switches, the first thing you should do is switch off the outlets, and unplug all the electrical appliances. Once you are sure that everything is off, give a call to the professional electrician.

Buzzing and humming noises

If you hear a buzzing or humming from the electric system or breaker box, it is a dangerous indication of a huge problem with the wiring. The function of the breaker is to protect your home from sudden electrical surge and, if it is compromised you will be left vulnerable. Even if it is a low buzz or hum, don’t hesitate to call an electrician.

Sparking of appliances

As the electricity runs throughout your home, it is normal to see some sparks. In some scenarios, you may see a spark like lightning when you plug an appliance into an outlet. This is not something to be considered normal. The abnormal sparks that you see may indicate outlet overload or damage to the wiring. In both cases, the sparks might be huge as they leap out of the plug. The spark will be lengthy and will last for more than a second and it will be white or yellow. If you observe such abnormal sparks in the fuse box, breaker panel or electrical outlet, it is time to call a level 2 service provider.

Singed fuse box

It is crucial to check your fuse box frequently to make sure everything works properly and nothing has gone sideways. If you see any damaged or singed wires call your electrician before it is too late. A damaged or singed wire might result in a major fire hazard.

Aluminium wiring

Copper wires are considered the most reliable material electrical wiring with conductive properties. It was not the case in the 1960s and 70s. Back then aluminium wiring was used for electrical wiring at home as it was cheap. But aluminium wires are not safe for home as they corrode when they come in contact with copper wires and also become loose over time. Loose wiring may increase the risk of fire hazard when used frequently.

Bottom line

Electrical signs are not to be ignored in order to prevent any hazardous accidents. With the best level 2 electrician in Sydney, protect your house from critical electrical accidents.