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Having a well-maintained and functional drainage system is the number one requirement of potential property buyers. It can drastically increase or decrease the value of your property. Therefore, it is best to keep the drains clean and away from unwanted materials. You should follow the basic protection rules to prevent drains from blocking. Blocked drains create various problems in the household, commercial spaces, and other large buildings. You can prevent it with various cautions against waste materials.

You can limit the chances of a blocked drain by avoiding the flow of solid waste materials in the drain through the toilet, washbasins and sink. It is best to get inspection and maintenance services every 6 months from experienced blocked drain plumbers.

What can cause a blocked drain?

Insoluble waste like diapers, fruits or vegetable remains and other things can block the drains quickly. You should avoid throwing waste directly in the drain or sink. It is best to use the dustbin for solid or insoluble waste materials.

  • Hair and animal fur

The hair fall occurs naturally, and while bathing most people lose their hair that flows down the drain with water. If you have a pet, consider using a bathtub or sink for dog bathing. Pets have fur fall, and that combines with the soap to make a great pile down the drain.

  • Toilet paper and facial wipes

You will find that toilet paper and facial wipes or makeup remover wipes can result in blocked drains in Melbourne. It is best to use a separate dustbin for throwing such waste products. People think that toilet papers or facial wipes are  soluble in water, but it accumulates down the drains to block it.

  • Food scraps

Food scraps include the oil and food spices or rice left over on the plates. You can wash it down with water in the dishwasher. It creates an ultimate pile of food scraps and results in blocked drains. You should also avoid throwing the salad leftovers in the sink. These materials look small, but they collect and create a destructive problem.

  • Tree roots

If you are fond of gardening and have more trees in the garden. The drainage system is fitted underground, and the large trees spread their roots to a major extent. There is a possibility of tree roots blocking the drainage pipes and drain. It creates several problems in the passage of the wastewater and clogs the drain.

There are unlimited reasons like small toys, fat, oil and grease in the drain that causes blocked drains in Melbourne. You can find that the cat litter or other pet wastes can also clog the drain. Multiple reasons are responsible for drain blockage. You can avoid throwing everything in the sink, dishwasher, toilet and bathroom.

How much does it cost to fix a blocked drain?

The cost of fixing the blocked drain majorly depends on the complexity of the drainage pipe problem. It cost around $80 to $120 to unblock the toilet drains. You can consider spending $300 to $500 to clear the clogged drain. The replacement cost of the drain piping ranges from $1000 to $3000.

Every cost depends on the task difficulty and the equipment or tools required for cleaning the drain. Most professionals use drain snakes which is quite challenging. It can cost you more for the blocked drain fixation.

What to do?

You should immediately call a professional plumber for blocked drains. The condition may get worse if you wait for anything. The experts can check and identify the causes of drainage problems to fix them in the long term. It is best to enquire about the instant and emergency services.