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On the whole there is no such difference between live score and live streaming score as both are the same. You watch any game and you get live score streamed into your device along with live score appearing on the screen. The live streaming score changes as and when there is a change in position of the score made by one team over another and you get to see it at once on the screen of your PC or electronic device. In the case of live score you go to the official site on the internet and then get scores of various games live. These scores are also refreshed frequently and viewers have the option of choosing games from the list of category.

It is generally found that live cricket score attract both fans of the game and punters. There is a huge betting option when live scores are broadcasted on a continuous basis and there are fans that win good money out of the betting. You can also watch your scores on your mobile and you may click here at to get latest result of a match.


Don’t Miss Out on any Match and Save money.

You cannot miss out on any of your favorite game outcomes if you have downloaded the free app of the above site. You can watch the latest scores of each game listed on the category, Fixtures, Line-ups, team Standings, Top-Scorers, Odds for betting, Statistics, and many more details.

The best part of the Lives score app is that you can watch the details and other related information about forthcoming matches played at various venues during your lunch break or tea break at your workplace. You get instant reports and alerts of changes about certain games, team fitness problems, and issues with umpires, league matches that will occur in the future, venue changes and last moment changes in the team list, and so on.


Save and Earn Money on the Lives Sport App

You can easily save a lot of money by avoiding plane tickets, hotel expenses, and other traveling fares by simply browsing the app on your mobile. It can give you time for engaging in activities that are important for your family to survive, and this may be working full time or doing business. Many of these websites offer their members to bet on the outcome of the listed games, and you can also wager some money to earn more if your team wins.

You may also get different choices for betting as league wins, best players, first-half best game outcome or last-half best team, and so on. You get more options on games like live cricket score or other popular games as these games are most sought after and most viewed.

It is noteworthy that you can get more information on the side from these websites as they readily engage their viewers to take chances on betting. It helps to increase the excitement even more as there is always chance of winning good money.