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Let’s learn about the difference between SPC and WPC Flooring Brisbane material through the blog. In house, the floor is a prominent part that needs to be durable, resilient, and long-lasting. Besides, everyone might wish to pick from the best material collections for their house based on their taste and needs. Therefore, they all try to ask for opinions and suggestions from friends, experts, and professionals. As it results, popular WPC decking flooring will remain on the list in the first place. But the term SPC and WPC is interchangeably confusing, isn’t it? If so, understanding the similarities and differences between them will only help you. Hence, no more delay, just explore the below.

What Is WPC Floor?

A more durable, 100% waterproof flooring option is WPC Flooring Brisbane material. The WPC refers to wood plastic composite, which is enhanced with a foaming agent. As it results, the material remains soft and comfortable. Homeowners highly preferring it to embrace traditional hardwood work in their residences. As being easy to install, WPC flooring caught the wide attention of the public. This is like a boon for people who would always like to go for a DIY option.

About WPC Flooring

In general, the WPC waterproof floor comes with four different layers. It includes a backing layer, WPC core, printed vinyl layer, and wear layer.

Backing Layer

This base layer has a robust basement and also comes with extra underlayment to ensure convenience.

WPC core

This part matters most among those various layers. WPC flooring contains a solid, waterproof core. That’s why the material remains the best when accidentally spilling water on it. The material will not respond as swelling, stained, or wrapped.

Printed vinyl layer

This is the second most important layer, which is responsible for maintaining realistic touches like natural stones or wood. It makes the material popular and the best alternative to natural décor pieces.

Wear Layer

This part mainly focused on protecting the surface from wear and tear. This is a thick layer around them and provides better protection.


The Wpc Decking can withstand to any water damage and moisture. So utilize it if you want to avoid that dampness hurting your floors. Standing and walking on a hard surface can cause pain for feet. That’s why WPC is made as more resilient and comfortable. Laying the floor with stylish WPC decking makes people can’t stop talking about it often. This is a floor that will not demand for regular sweep and mopping. The house owner just needs to occasionally clean it.

What Is SPC?

The term SPC is famous for its highly durable, waterproof flooring option. People often called it as stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite. To speak about its construction, this is similar to WPC. SPC differs in having an ultra-tough core. Choosing it maintains extreme durability even for uneven surfaces. Its characteristics make it suggested for high-traffic commercial areas. SPC is similar to WPC in durable, waterproof, style, and installation.

When To Use Choose SPC?

Are you looking for slightly less expensive than WPC? Then, pick SPC. But also, be ready to tackle one difficulty during installation, cutting SPC material is the toughest work. The material is the best option for those who are seeking commercial purposes. If you searching material for residential use? Prefer WPC Flooring Brisbane products. It helps to attain the home floor with a blend of innovative and luxurious.