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The answer to such a question is subjective and complicated.  Incontinence pads are great for people who have a tough time using the bathroom and might need to benefit from the extra protection and discretion they get from the product. For those looking to get long-term protection from incontinence, diapers could suit them the best so that they could absorb more and could be worn during the day and night.

If you are planning to buy pads for men or are looking for the best mens diapers , Australia, you could easily find many brands that sell a variety of incontinence products online.

Incontinence pants are a great alternative to pads and diapers as they provide the same benefits to incontinence care. You could easily carry out your day-to-day activities without worrying about leaks.

There are different types of incontinence pants you could opt from, undergarments to full body ones. You would have to experiment and find out the one that would suit the best for you based on the level of incontinence and absorbency of the product. If there is incontinence during the daytime and you have to wear underwear, you could opt for pads. If you need to wear a diaper on top of the pad every time, you could go for an underwear incontinence suit. However, all of this would depend on the condition you have as well as the activity you would be doing throughout the day.

Speaking of different types of incontinence products, there are three main categories namely reusable, disposable and reusable menstrual products. Even though the level of incontinence might differ, almost all of them would fit into one of these categories.

Disposable incontinence pads

If anyone faces any kind of urinary incontinence, this type of pad could be used. These are the most commonly used pads as the solid ones could be disposed of. These pads are chemical-free and are ideal for men as well as women because they are absorbent and do not leak through the sides like other products.

Reusable incontinence pads

If you need protection from incontinence when you are at home, you could use this type of pad. They are ideal for overnight protection especially when you have bowel issues that might cause unexpected accidents. If you do not like to deal with disposable pads every day, you could make use of reusable ones that would turn into your favourite choice.

Using Menstrual Products as Incontinence Product

Menstrual products could be used to contain more than just your period. If you need to use a regular pad or tampon during your period, then this would be able to hold mild to moderate incontinence as well. Such pads are great for women and men who need protection from incontinence.

Most of the incontinence products that are used would be diapers and pads. Some are easier to use when compared to others but both could be a benefit when dealing with issues like incontinence. Hence, it would be ideal to try out a few incontinence products before opting for the right one that fits well and contains incontinence without any leakage.