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If you ask to your friends who is the best person in their life without whom they cannot survive. The most of them will say it’s their mother in their answer. Mothers definitely plays a huge part in our life. They are the ones who brought us in this world and who will look after us through all the calamities in our life.

Here are the reasons why your mom is the best person in your life that leads to hug her tightly:

  1. For giving birth to you

We often forget to be grateful about simple things and it is obvious reason to give life to us is the main reason we need to be thankful to our mom. The labour pain she has gone through to bring you in this world is something cannot be described in words.

  1. For standing on your side

When you are in trouble, she always takes your side, no matter what! They save your sorry self. When you fall, she is always there to catch you and lift you up again. They can heal your wounds and help you be yourself again. You can count on her anytime anywhere when you want her your side.

  1. For pushing you to be the best version of yourself

Mother is your constant support, encouragement and motivation in your life. They want you to break all the barriers and do extra ordinary things. They always trust in your capabilities. They never fail to make you feel that you are super special, even if they doubt themselves. In her eyes, you are a star and she will try her best to make you believe so.

  1. For cooking your favourite dishes

From shopping of ingredients from super market to garnish your favourite meals, your mom cannot leave a single chance to make you happy. They try looking for newer recipes and spend whole day to prepare it in the best way to get you eat that. At last, she even wash dishes and clean the kitchen. Superwoman indeed!

  1. For tolerating you and stay connected to you

Your mother has loved in your innocent childhood phase and your awkward teenage phase, too. If they frustrated with you sometimes, they will always be there for you. She always remembers your schedule and manage to stay connected to you in your busy time.

It is surely time to be thankful! The list is not limited to these reasons, but there are numerous more reasons. The one and the most powerful reason is that she loved you, loves you and going to love you throughout the whole life, no matter what! Go and hug your mom and it will make her day for sure.