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Road trips have always been a fun way to bond and spend some time with family or friends. Road tripping around Australia gives you an array of locations to visit and roads to take. However, no matter which way you decide to go, you should always put safety first, if you plan to have fun and make only lovely memories. To have a safe and fun road trip in the Land Down Under, follow these few simple rules.

Stay up to date with the weather

You may have spent months planning for this trip, so the last thing you need is the rain ruining it for you. Strong wind, rain, hail, and other elements can turn a fun trip into a what were we thinking situation within seconds. It’s also a good idea to have a backup date in mind, in case it turns out you cannot go on a planned weekend.

Stock up on navigation gadgets

Before you pack everything in your car, be sure you have enough navigation options. Nowadays, we all rely on GPS systems and internet navigation, but you never know if you’ll end up in the outback where the internet access will be poor to non-existent. The internet can get patchy and rather pricey, so you should always think of offline alternatives. Some apps will allow you to download specific areas to your phone and access them without using the internet. Furthermore, don’t risk getting lost or stuck in the middle of nowhere just because you weren’t thinking about bringing a regular paper map.

Check the functionality of your vehicle

Whether you’re travelling from Sydney to Melbourne, or from Sydney to Cairns, your car will need to be thoroughly inspected before the road trip. You can do a thorough car inspection Sydney wide, so look for the best places to take your car to and be sure you’ll be safe on the road. From checking the tyre pressure to the functionality of breaks and the condition of wheels, your vehicle needs to be in tip-top shape if you plan for a road trip. Regardless of the distance, you’ll be driving, you need a fully-functional car to be sure all the passengers are out of harm’s way.

Don’t forget a first aid kit

Once your car is ready for the trip, make sure you pack a first aid kit. If you already have it packed in the car, check the expiration dates on all the necessities that have an expiration date. Replace the ones that are long expired to have a fully usable first aid kit in your car. Bandages, gauzes, scissors, and tweezers are just some of the must-have items in the first aid kit. Do your research on CPR and other handy techniques that will help in case of an emergency on the road.

Plan for enough breaks

Going on a road trip will fill you with adrenaline, so you may not realise that your body needs rest. That’s why you should include enough breaks into your itinerary. An 8-hour drive calls for at least two 45-minute breaks and a few 10-minute ones. Stretching your legs, having something to eat and drink is of the essence.  Don’t worry about not making it to your destination during the day. You can always find a motel or camp next to your car off the road.

Planning for your first road trip around Australia? Make sure you have all the previously mentioned tips in mind before and when you hit the road. They’ll help you stay safe and enjoy your trip every step of the way.