by liam

Car parks are an essential part of our daily lives, whether we’re going to work, running errands, or visiting friends and family. As such, they’re often targeted by criminals who will do anything to get your hard-earned cash or possessions. Here are six ways to improve car park safety so you can enjoy your time at the mall with your mind at ease, not riddled with anxiety.

1) Take away your keys

Leaving your keys in your car is dangerous and unnecessary. You may forget that you’ve left them behind and accidentally lock yourself out. It also increases your risk of being broken into, as thieves know that many people leave their keys behind after parking.

To keep yourself safe and secure, never leave your keys unattended in a vehicle. If you do have to step away from your vehicle, put your keys in an ignition lock box or hide them somewhere under a seat or near a tyre where they won’t be spotted. 

2) Parking lot signage

Parking signs make it clear where you can and cannot park, which is especially important in large parking lots where people might easily lose their bearings. Good signage can help avoid unnecessary accidents. Parking signs can help remind you of these safety tips.

Keep an eye out for signs like “Don’t Leave Keys” in cars. There are different types of parking signs: no parking sign, no stopping sign, no waiting sign, etc. For example, “No Stopping” or “No Waiting” should be used near driveways so cars don’t get blocked. If a parking lot has two entrances or exits, there should be separate signs on each road that indicate that only one lane is allowed into or out of each entrance/exit.

3) Always keep your doors locked

Leaving your car doors unlocked while you’re running an errand or grabbing lunch means someone can quickly pop in and take your belongings. To prevent being a victim of petty theft, always lock your doors when leaving your vehicle unattended—even if it’s just for a few minutes. Not only is it a good idea from a security standpoint, but from an insurance standpoint as well.

You may not be able to file a claim if you haven’t locked your door. In fact, many auto insurers will waive your deductible if you’ve done so. If you forget to lock your doors before exiting your vehicle, simply hop back inside and secure them before moving on with your day.

4) Be on the lookout for suspicious individuals

Thieves can prey on drivers distracted by their phones or other tasks in order to break into cars and steal valuables. If you notice something out of place, report it! Whether it’s someone near your vehicle or a suspicious character lurking in another part of the parking lot, trust your gut and call the police as soon as possible.

They might be able to stop a theft before it happens. Make sure you share any security footage you may have with local police when reporting a crime so they have a more complete picture of what happened. 

5) Don’t leave valuables in plain sight

The last thing you want when returning to your car is for it to be broken into and its items stolen. Never leave valuables out in plain sight, and if there’s no safe place available, lock them in your trunk or store them out of sight in your vehicle.

Car thieves can spot expensive items from a mile away, so don’t make their job any easier by leaving your pricey possessions on display. Always hide valuables as best you can, even while parked at home, to prevent theft.

6) Other suggestions

There is no better way of avoiding a thief than putting yourself out of reach. Park in secure and well-lit areas, and don’t forget that it’s easy for criminals to hide under your vehicle, waiting for you to walk away. Always check under your car before getting into it, whether you are on foot or driving.

You may want to invest in a hand-held mirror or even a full set of mirrors-make sure they are firmly fastened as you never know when thieves will strike! In addition, always keep an eye on other vehicles around you as well. Finally, use central locking systems where possible so that you can lock all doors with one key fob or button.

So the conclusion is that the best way to ensure car parking safety is, of course, to prevent accidents in the first place. All it takes is a little caution and awareness of your surroundings. Stay alert while walking from your car to your building; look before opening doors or getting into elevators; and don’t leave bags or valuables unattended. Pay attention when you’re driving and parking cars in tight parking spots. Finally, your consciousness can do wonders.